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“Mamá, sé que es difícil. Y que esta no es la forma en que imaginaste tu embarazo, 🤰 ya sea el primero, ó segundo ó tercero.. Sin baby showers, sin contacto social, con miedo al contagio, miedo a estar sola, miedo a parir en hospital, en el que se supone, sería el lugar más seguro para hacerlo. Este no era el mundo en el que planeabas dar a luz a tu bebé, esta no es la forma que se suponía debía ser. Esta bien si lloras un poco, porque esta bien llorar a los "hubieras" y al "ojalá fuera diferente" está bien sentirte temerosa, está bien estar ansiosa. Nunca ha existido una guía sobre como afrontar un embarazo durante una crisis pandémica global. Esta bien preocuparse por el futuro, mamá, porque sabes que el posparto tampoco será como lo planeaste. Llora, si, pero después respira profundo, y continúa, que vendrán días mejores, pronto llegarán. Y en el momento en que tu bebé encuentre su camino en este mundo hermoso, caótico y extraño, no retrocederás ni desearías hacerlo, pues tendrás a lo más valioso en tus manos, tu bebé. Este bebé es tu medicina, la medicina para tu alma, tu corazón, ♥️para tu pareja, incluso para el equipo médico que estará presente en el nacimiento, porque los bebés son esperanza y vida, son un milagro, y los milagros realmente existen. [ de parte de mi @launocea ] [texto de mi bebé] #33weekspregnant #miniña #nacerenpandemia

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Burger night!!!! I may only have a 3 day Easter Bank Holiday weekend but I will make the most of it! 👊🏼💪🏼 . Starting with vegan burger night (plus cheese though) and thyme chips. Now up for the last episode of @lacasadepapel and a magnum #uppsi #sorrynotsosorry #coudlntcareless . #burgernight #veganburger #easterweekend #dinner #homemadeburger #littlepleasures #balancedlife #balancedmeals #greenburger #pregnantlife #stayathome #33weekspregnant

Throwing it WAY back to like 1958, but I just think my grandmother looks gorgeous and I’d love to have a reason to get dressed up right now. Or dress up clothes that fit. #tbt #33weekspregnant

My maternity photo shoot a whole year ago my little Gracie in my belly and not knowing whether she was going to be a boy or girl , so sure I was having a boy hence the blue maternity dress 🤣🤣🤣so wrong haha but so glad I did have another little girly now 💖😍🌸🎀 #time fly’s #maturnityphotoshoot #33weekspregnant #april2019 #babybump #mybabygirl

A blessed mess ❤️

#33weken De 33 weken zijn aangetikt. De kleine meid laat goed van zich horen. Slapen is 's nachts een serieuze opgave door enerzijds de actieve meid en anderzijds door de groeiende buik. Dus overdag slapen behoort nu tot mijn dagelijkse bezigheid. Vandaag hebben we dan maar zelf 't een en het ander besteld van onze geboortelijst met in het achterhoofd de onzekerheid door de #coronacrisis . Ik moet ook eerlijk zeggen dat die stress me wel echt parten speelt. Ik sta 's morgens vaak onrustig (en onuitgeslapen) op. Ik probeer echt om gedurende de dag genoeg rust te nemen en me te ontspannen. Gelukkig lukt dat behoorlijk. We moeten er uiteindelijk met z'n allen door. Verder probeer ik wel echt intens te genieten van deze laatste zwangerschap. Ik kijk ook enorm uit naar de geboorte van ons klein meisje 🧡 #zwangerschap #pregancy #33wekenzwanger #eerlijkmoederschap #mamaworden #mamazijn #zwangerzijn #33weekspregnant

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DEALING WITH UNCERTAINTY 🌿🌸 I prepared myself mentally to be flexible with my birth plan & my pregnancy in general, but normally there are a set of unchanging protocols/decisions that surround all of the uncertainty with predictability. For example, choosing to have a doula or not. Deciding who is in the hospital room with you. Deciding what support (if any) you want afterwards, like family members or night nurses. Normally your partner stays with you the entire time you’re in the hospital. Normally you’re in the hospital for a few days after so the nurses can take care of you (vaginal delivery= an INSANE AMOUNT OF BLEEDING that no one really talks about.) Now all of that predictability has been thrown out the window. As disappointing as all this is, the hospitals are doing what’s right. They are being extra careful in order to protect mom and baby from this virus. (Also, now mom is tested upon arrival and if she is positive baby will be separated from her immediately. No skin to skin. 😢) Each day I work so hard to stay positive and remind myself that I am healthy, my baby is healthy, and all will be well. But there is still a sadness in letting go of all of the things I’ve been told, and things that I’ve read would happen. It comes and goes in (hi, HORMONAL) waves and I try to just honor the feelings of disappointment, have a good cry, then pick myself up again. I also don’t want to feel sorry for myself. It doesn’t actually help me to feel better, and there are so many people who have it much worse than me. If I look for the gift in all of this, perhaps it’s giving me a better set of emotional tools as I get ready to step into motherhood. Adaptability, resilience, practiced calm and positivity. But also, it’s a lot! Haha! Whenever sad/panicked thoughts come up, I try to let myself feel the feeling, then pivot it to the present moment (what is true RIGHT NOW?) because (pregnant or not) fear-based thoughts are always projecting into the future. They are the “WHAT IF!?” thoughts. So I ask myself how is this thought helpful to me right now? The answer is always: It’s not! Anyway. How are you all doing?

Babybump🤰🏻? No problem😝 #33weekspregnant #happy . . ¿Quién dijo que los #challenge no eran para embarazadas😎? Os digo que si lo hacéis unas cuantas veces acabaréis agotadas😅Lo he modificado para hacerlo “pregnant-friendly”: hago la sentadilla con las piernas abiertas para que me quepa la barriga😝 ¿quién se anima a probar? . . Este confinamiento me está animando a entrenar y para que os animéis conmigo el viernes haré un directo con @naiara.celades de @mamifit_esp a las 18h para entrenar juntas😍💪🏼 ¡Vamos a tope!

My heart is so full! ❤️ . Kinnick laid his head on my belly and said “I love you baby sister.” 🥰 . He has been asking and talking about his baby sister a lot lately. . We are all so excited to meet her and to watch Kinnick as a big brother. . 33 weeks today!!! . #bigbrothertobe #boymom #soontobemomof2 #babygirl #babykicks #33weekspregnant #soexicted #heartisfull #cantwaittomeetyou #cantwaittomeetyoubabygirl🎀

Amidst all the chaos, I’m all love. . ❤️ Em meio a todo caos, eu sou toda amor. #33weekspregnant #benjaminiscomingsoon #mamabear #chaos #love #pregnancy #babybump #waiting

Plena y feliz, así es como estoy viviendo el embarazo. No todo es de color de rosa y hay momentos muy difíciles, pero siento que es todo lo que debo hacer ahora. Mirarme hacia adentro y construir a la nueva mujer en la que me estoy convirtiendo, estar conectada a mi hija de una forma inexplicable que nunca había experimentado... es el trabajo más gratificante de mi vida. Tengo muchas ganas de todo lo que está por venir, pero ésta etapa es hasta el momento, la más feliz de mi vida. . . #embarazo #pregnant #33weekspregnant #babyonboard #ladulceespera #babyiscoming

Decided to turn a bad mental day around yesterday. Got dressed up (everything is non-maternity but sold out, so I shared some similar options over on my story), got a coffee, walked around Haddonfield in the beautiful weather, baked with my mama, and then ended the day setting up our stroller for little man - which got me even more excited! Yesterday turned into the perfect day💛 | #33weekspregnant

33 weeks today & baby is the size of a 🍍! These weeks now seem to be flying by & we are getting more and more excited to see what baby Gehret will be! Lu has also now become part of my weekly photos because she will not leave my side now.💕 #babygehret #33weekspregnant #ftm

Pranie wyprawki niemowlęcej to dla mnie szczególny moment. Przede wszystkim dlatego, że zdaję sobie sprawę jak mało czasu zostało do porodu 🙊 ale to nie jedyny powód. Zapach ubranek jest nie do zapomnienia i za każdym razem, kiedy go sobie przypomnę, przywołuje mi tysiące wspomnień z okresu noworodkowego 🥰 a przecież to wspomnienia zostają z nami na lata! . Wszystkie produkty @jelppolska z linii 0+ dostępne są na stronie www.sklep.jelp.pl . . . . . #tonaturalne #jelp #hipoalergiczny #piorewjelp #epozytywnaopinia #33weekspregnant #33tc #rodzew2020 #bedemama #pregnancy #pregnant #jestemwciazy #jestemwciąży #wyprawka #wyprawka2020 #wyprawkadlamalucha #wyprawkadlanoworodka #wyprawkadlamaluszka #wyprawkadlaniemowlaka #pokoikdzieciecy #newbornbabyroom #pokojniemowlecy #kacikniemowlaka #babyroom #babyroomdecor #babyroomdecoration #babyroomideas #babyrooms #babyroominspo #babyroomdesign @epozytywnaopinia.pl

Happy 8 months @mugi9030 😍❤️just keeps getting more adorable❤️🐘 Get your ele from the link in the bio🥰🐘

After a busy day constructing a whole load of storage units for Little Bean’s nursery I’m taking a chill eve to write out the hospital ‘go bag’ essentials for me, bubba and the bf. ⁣ ⁣ I’ve had some great suggestions from family members including handheld electric fan, flip flops and neck pillow but I think we can all agree that snacks are a must alongside babygrows and nappies! ⁣ ⁣ Anyone have an essential item that they relied on but doesn’t often get included on baby prep lists?⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ #pregnancy #babyprep #pregnancyjourney #babyhospitalbag #expecting #33weekspregnant #thirdtrimester #pregnancystyle #preggo #mumtobe #stylishbump #lovemybump #maternity #babyontheway #preggers #dressingbump #pregnancylife #mumstyle #embracethebump #preppingforbaby #babybag #babygobag #pregnancyplan

6 weeks till Luca’s here with us!! Soaking up all the cuddles from soon to be big brother & drowning in all the coffee needed to make it through these quarantine days💕

33 Weeks Baby Bump 🤰🏼🥰 #babybump #33weekspregnant

Love is carrying a whole world inside you 💗 #33weekspregnant #ourbabygirl #almostthere

Eu pedi com fé...E Deus me enviou com todo o amor!!! 😍💖🤰🤱 #minhaMariah #33weekspregnant #33semanasdeamor #meuamortodinho

Singing “Wheeeeeeere did my waist go?” #tbt 🤘🏻😎 But truly, I love my bump and I know I will miss it. Pregnancy has been such an incredible journey and while yes, some days I feel like a whale (& hope these varicose veins go away!) most days I love catching glimpses of my growing belly as I pass by a mirror. And, of course, the now almost constant movement inside is pure Bliss. Next month, we are having a baby!!!!! 🥰🤰🏼 • • • #abalancingactress #broadwaybabymama #33weekspregnant #33weeks #schoolofrock #broadway #naturalpregnancy #musicaltheatre #rosaliemullins #sorbroadway

••ONLINE PREGNANCY CLASSES - LETS CREATE AN ISOLATED-MUM TRIBE•• I'll be starting online pregnancy yoga and meditation classes on here next week💫 Join if you're expecting, and if not then tell your friends, your partners and your sisters who are! 👉🏼 5pm UK time on Monday 13th (bank holiday for UK). I think I speak for many pregnant women when I say this isn't exactly how we imagined our pregnancy - especially if it’s the first which is often full of anticipation, expectation and lots of planning and ideals. I always imagined lots of yoga classes and meeting local mums that my friends who already have children assured me would become my mum-tribe! With many pregnant women isolating for the advised 12 weeks, we have a wee while to go yet... so lets build our own online isolated-mum tribe! We'll cover yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and affirmations you can use in your labour, pelvic floor exercises and more. These classes are suited for all months of pregnancy from 14 weeks to overdue and will be suitable for all levels and experience of yoga. I'll start by running them as live videos on Instagram which will be pay-what-you-can donation based via Paypal. If there is the call for it I will then move classes onto Skype where I'll run small location based groups that give us the chance to chat and connect with other local mums to be. I hope to see you on the mat next week xx . . . . . . . . . . . . . #pregnancyyoga #prenatalyoga #pregnancyfitness #yogamum #pregnancyfitness #birthpreparation #yogamama #onlineyoga #postnatalyoga #pregnancyyoga #liveyogaclass #twinmom #twinmum #14weeks #16weeks #18weeks #secondtrimester #pregnancybump #twinbump #20weekspregnant #twinpregnancy #30weekspregnant #29weekspregnant #20weeks #33weekspregnant #24weekspregnant #thirdtrimester #6monthspregnant #37weeks #pregnantyogi

Week 33: Trying my best not to lose the remaining bit of my sanity during this quarantine, but it doesn’t help when my hormones are running wild. Anyway, so thankful for another week of pregnancy. Only a few weeks left and so excited for all the changes to come, but for now enjoying our last few remaining weeks of peace. 💕 #maternityfashion #33weekspregnant #bumpdate #letterboardquotes #pregnancydiary