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If you think YOU’RE getting bored at home...think of our baristas too!! 🤣 They don’t know what to do with themselves & they’re making all the coffee at home! Haha This is a whipped coffee called the Dalgona Coffee! Who thinks we should offer this when we open back up?! 😏

@historicperk | Springfield TN This is another #socialdistancing edition of Caffeine Concierge, forced on us by #coronavirus. 👎 Historic Perk serves great espresso drinks and pastries, and it will also keep you out of the Nashville area, which is an additional *perk* right now. Although Historic Perk has transitioned to curbside and delivery only, their heart for the community is bigger than ever. You can purchase a Kindness+Community Coffee Box that serves 12 cups of coffee and they will write a note for you and deliver it to nurses, doctors, or city officials! What a great way to #shoplocal #smallbusiness while also showing support to those on the frontlines of keeping our communities healthy! Visit historicperk.com or call them at 615-667-1312 to place your order today! STAY HOME. STAY HEALTHY. STAY CAFFEINATED.

Un café a media mañana leyendo el cómic que debía traducir en una cafetería tranquila de decoración austera; la luz del sol filtrándose perezoso por la ventana. . . Es una de las últimas cosas que disfruté antes del encierro. Una de esas pequeñas cosas a las que tan poca importancia damos muchas veces. Quiero creer que después de esto las valoraremos más. . . ¿Creéis que sacaremos algo positivo de esto? ¿Qué pequeñas cosas echáis vosotros de menos? . . #mequedoencasa #athome #caffeination #comic

Its wedding time I'm live with the new DLC for #Borderlands3 join me for an awesome time and some game and #Streamloots giveaways http://twitch.tv/madcupid #TeamB42 #PhoenixCartel #OwlScouts #MadCupidMilitia #Caffeination #TeamEmmmmsie #GeekSquadFam #BlackTopStreamers #NovaEnergyDrink #gaming #giveaways #freegames #streaming #twitch #livestreaming #twitchstreamer

Caffeinate me. ☕ #caffeination #makeitadouble

5 Disney coffees you NEED TO TRY. I know we’re all just waiting to get back to normal. In the meantime, while you’re planning your next Disney World vacation, here are some under-the-radar coffees in the most magical (and most caffeinated) place on earth. Try these and tell me what you think. 1️⃣ Mexican Natural Coffee from Frontera Cocina in Disney Springs. This coffee is grown in Zihuatanejo, Mexico and is perfectly roasted at Columbia Street Roastery in Champaign, Illinois. Delicious coffee with notes of cinnamon and cocoa. They also have espresso and cappuccino. Pricey, but worth it! Also the food is AMAZING. 2️⃣ Espresso Freddo Shakerato at Pizza Ponte in Disney Springs. This espresso comes in a 20oz. I REPEAT… a 20 ounce espresso! It’s Italian espresso shaken with milk and ice. Icy cold coffee perfection. Plus a gigantic slice of pizza too. 3️⃣ Mustang Coffee at Nomad Lounge in Animal Kingdom. It’s a mixture of Joffrey’s hot coffee, Crown Royal whisky, brown sugar, and MELTED BUTTER.  It’s dangerously good. You can thank Joe Rhode, who tried it in Nepal while researching for Animal Kingdom. 4️⃣ Joffrey’s Nitro Cold Brew. Recently, each of Joffrey’s kiosks in Disney World were upgraded with nitro machines - which is great because you don’t have to walk very far to get some cold STRONG coffee! You can even add a little flavoring to it. Keep in mind, if you love Starbucks nitro cold brew, you can only get it in Epcot and Disney Springs. But Joffrey’s has nitro cold brew in every park! 5️⃣ Starbucks Reserve Clover Brewed Coffee in Disney Springs West Side. With a rotating menu of rare small-batch coffees, you’re bound to try something new each visit. Watch in awe at the full-immersion vacuum filtration system that produces 1 cup of coffee at a time.  You can get your coffee hot or iced. Plus, the baristas are super knowledgeable and friendly to talk to while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew. Or you can MOBILE ORDER and skip the entire human interaction. Happy vacation planning! #disneycoffeeblog #wdw #disneyworld #disneyblog #disneycoffee #disneyworldcoffee #disneyvacation #caffeination #coffee #coffeelover

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Let’s get funky up in here... 🤣🤣🤣

The poll has ended and by a landslide the prize for the next giveaway will be #NovaEnergyDrink 2 people will win a Tub of Nova the new sub goal starts April 1st once we hit it we will have the giveaway #PhoenixCartel #TeamB42 #OwlScouts #Caffeination #MadCupidMilitia #TeamEmmmmsie #BlackTopStreamers #GeekSquadFam #giveaway #giveaways #twitch #twitchstreamer #freestuff

We told you recently that we were working on some things behind the scenes. In response to the pandemic, we made some decisions rooted in the value of responding firstly from our hearts, with the desire to Brighten Your Day! We will be making a big “Brighten Your Day” announcement soon - one that changes the ballgame for our company as we offer something completely new - while also creating an opportunity FOR YOU to spread some joy across our country along with us! But first!! We are so happy to offer FREE DELIVERY on 12-packs of Craft Brew Coffee to the local STL/Metro-East area! That’s right. We’ll drop 12 cans (or 24 or 36… depending on your need for caffeination) on your doorstep - FOR FREE! If you want 12 cans of Craft Brewed goodness on your front porch THIS FRIDAY, comment below or send us a DM, saying “I want 12!” We will complete the order and have it to you by this Friday, 3/27! You can choose 12 cans of Classic, 12 cans of Ethiopian, or a mix-pack - 6 of each. 12-packs are $48. Let us know by Thursday, 3/26 at noon so we can prepare your order! If you are outside the immediate St. Louis/Metro-East/Belleville area, we want to brighten your day as well! We are offering 12-packs with only $5 shipping! Drop us a line to complete the order! Share this post to your story with the phrase, “Coffee delivered? Yes please!” to receive $3 off your order! Now… who wants coffee on their doorstep?? #BRIGHTENYOURDAY

Update! You can have our bespoke blend sent to your home address - link in bio! Let’s keep the love going... 💌Tag us in your best home brew latte art - we wanna see YOURS and we’ll feature you on our page 🦢 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #londoncoffee #londonbrunch #deliveries #roast #beans #caffeination #latteart #coffeelove #londonbrunch #eggs #poached

Who else is missing their morning coffee at Caffeinated?!?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ We sure are. 😭 But more than that-we miss all of YOU... our CaffeiNation! 😩 Tell us- what have you been doing to practice your social distancing & to keep yourself sane?! We need new ideas over here... 🤪

Alright you guys, we made that Creamy Coffee that has gone viral on TikTok. What is TikTok? You tell me 🤷🏼‍♂️ And what is Creamy Coffee? The worst coffee I’ve ever tasted. 3 simple ingredients: ✅ 2 tbs instant coffee ✅ 2 tbs sugar ✅ 2 tbs hot water Mix everything together and scoop onto some warmed milk - or some ice & milk. It might taste better if you added a little more sugar. Or, it might be GREAT if you just skipped it altogether and made real coffee instead. This was SO MUCH harder and more complicated than making a cup of drip coffee. TELL ME - have you made this coffee concoction? How’d it go? #disneycoffeeblog #wdw #disneyworld #disneyblog #disneycoffee #disneyworldcoffee #caffeination #coffee #coffeelover #creamycoffee

Special delivery of some @moderntimesbeer coffee! Can't wait to get this in my face. . . #coffee #chemex #caffeination #coffeenerd

Anyone else drinking coffee all day long because you’re home and why not? 😁☕️✨ #selfisolation = #caffeination

Working from home and still need to stay caffeinated? Stop by our website and place an order. We will also do free local delivery in the 7 cities area of the 757. Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, PTown, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News. #caffeination #coffee #veteranownedbusinesses #757 #virginiabeach #voctribe #smallbusiness #smallbatchcoffee

Not my nicest coffee photo, to be honest it’s one of my worst. And in case you’re interested I decided black and white was fitting because this COVID-19 virus has slowly drained the colour and life out of this beautiful, vibrant city that has fuelled my passion for the food and beverage industry. I really couldn’t be bothered taking a photo but I felt like I had to document today in some way because as of 12pm and for the near future this is how coffee will be served around the country. I absolutely fucking hate drinking coffee out of takeaway cups so you can imagine how unhappy this made me, but I felt like I still needed to stop past Next of Kin Cafe​ to see Evi, grab a coffee and give them a few laughs. God knows we all need some of those at the moment, especially everyone in hospitality. So while you can go and support you local cafe, please do, while being safe and distancing yourself of course, don’t be a bloody dickhead because I really don’t want this to turn into Stage 2 or even 3, but sadly I feel it will. You don’t even have to go inside, most cafes will either bring the coffee out to you if you prefer, or are serving from a takeaway window. People just turning up and spending those few dollars on coffee or even grabbing some takeaway, is enough to help these places get through because the reality is when this is all over, many of your favourites will never open again. I am shutdown but not defeated. Far from it actually. - #savehospo #fuckcoronavirus🍻 #fuckcovid19 -@nextofkin_ @weareopennow @proudmarycoffee #nextofkin #proudmarycoffee #australiashutsdown #shutdown #shutdownaustralia #weareopennow #melbournecafe #melbournecoffee #coffee #coffeelife #coffeelover #espresso #macchiato #caffeine #caffeination #instacoffee #coffeegram #coffeetime #coffeeblogger #coffeeporn #coffeelovers #igerscoffee #coffeeoclock #coffeeblogger #coffeeaddict #melbournecafes #melbournecafe #melbournecoffee #melbournecoffeeculture #coffeeculture

I've gotten really good at making my own lattes. Special shout out to my whisker for making things nice and frothy! ☕🧘‍♀️💖 . #coffeetime #caffeination #pose #latte #bodum #frothycoffee

Www.mgreenhalghdesigns.etsy.com time for daily #caffeination and some #selflove don’t forget to take care of yourself and #treatyoself #somebodysgottadoit #shopsmallbusiness #shopsmallchampaign #happymail

🥂 Cheers to these Aussies in the background that make it happen everyday as they make their journey home to wait it out whilst the situation improves .. ✈️ Safe flighting and see you in the summer! . . . . . . . . . . . . #londoncoffee #londonbrunch #aussies #aussiesinlondon #crewlife #eggs #poached #coffelove #caffeine #caffeination #cheers

Today’s isolation caffeination brought to you by @redvespa special thanks to @starbucks_j for the super cute Daruma mug #coffee #caffeination #stayhome #stopthespread #sanity #insanity #cup #green #daruma #starbucks #homemadecoffee

Due to the circumstances in these trying times for our area, Caffeinated has decided to shut down for the next two weeks. It’s with much consideration and a heavy heart that we are making this decision and we are so very happy we have been able to provide the amount of service we have in just the past few days.❤️ We are excited to keep in communication with everyone in our #caffeination and will be offering incentives for all of our patrons that will hopefully help with the time that we are having to be shut down. We would like to take this time to tell you all - it is so important to keep a safe distance from large groups, always wash your hands, and be sure to stay home if you are sick. This will hopefully pass very soon and we will all be able to resume doing the things we know and love best. We are so thankful to all of our customers and will be planning to open up twice as strong once this is all over! Stay happy, Stay thankful, Stay Caffeinated! 💙 Sincerely, Rodney & your Caffeinated Staff

⁣ ngopi tipis tipis⁣ ———————⁣ stay safe and stay healthy 🙌🏼