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Interpersonal Violence, such as intimate partner violence, family violence or violence experienced within any group or community, typically induces more suffering, pain and trauma as opposed to the pains that follow after a natural disaster. The central and most obvious reason is that interpersonal violence is more personal for a person than a natural disaster. Moreover, the relationship a person has with the one inflicting the pain on them are generally established. They may know this person quite well. Therefore, this type of violence tends to leave a long-lasting psychological imprint on their mind as well as a physiological imprint on their body.

Internet Use and Anxiety Technology is an essential part of life. It is a tool for us to start and complete work efficiently and effectively. It provides us with the benefit of interacting with others when we cannot meet up personally, especially during these unprecedented times. The reason to meet up online may be different for a person who has anxiety. Feelings of anxiety can make a person prefer connecting and conversing with others over the internet versus in person. This is similar to the ones who are shy. The initial purpose is that it is to hide the anxiety part of oneself from the world. It is a way to help relieve the feelings of anxiety. They also do not have to turn on the video or show their face if they do not want to. However, the fact is the level of stress and anxiety is far likely to increase after spending time online. How is that so? It has to do with the structural and functioning components of the brain, which I will explain later. . . . . #fundamentalsofaddiction2015

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Trauma is the aftermath of a severe and devastating experience. It is generally defined as a mental and emotional reaction to the physically or/and emotionally overwhelming event. There are various types of trauma. It ranges from a natural disaster, accident or crime, physical, sexual or emotional abuse, and war. . . . . (Fundamentals of Addictions, 2015)

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Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder Feeling sad is normal and usually lasts for a short while. However, if a person is feeling extremely sad for an extended time, they may have a major depressive disorder. These are the main signs to look for. . . . . (Mental Health Social Work Practice in Canada, 2014)

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Trauma and Addictions: As shared on my recent posts about the ACE study's take on substance use and trauma, it is "an unconscious attempt to gain relief." People with traumatic experience who engage in substance use do not lightly seek these out. They find solace from consuming drugs and alcohol. Substances tend to provide them with a temporary feeling of relaxation and relief from all the tension, deep emotional bruises (especially depression, guilt and shame), and mental scars that left with them from trauma. Instead of resolving their trauma issues properly, they tend to take this unhealthy route as a coping mechanism to attempt to dull or erase memories as well as to numb their emotional, mental, and physical pains. Research shows that it is likely much harder for them to reach out to others for help as their feelings of guilt and shame tend to rise after becoming addicted to substance use. So they are inclined to rely on substances more instead.

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Myth #1: Is there a connection between mental illness and violence??? . . . According to research, a person with a mental illness is not a good indicator of they have any intention to hurt someone and vice versa. A person can be violent and not have a mental illness. In fact, “the majority of people who are violent do not suffer from mental illnesses” (CAMH Durham, 2020). Same goes for the other way around. A person who struggles with mental illness can display no signs of violent behaviours. Individuals with mental illnesses are far more likely to experience being “victims of violence themselves, than the general population” (CAMH, 2020).

Main Effects of Trauma The symptoms of trauma show up differently for every individual. People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often experience these symptoms as shown above. The emotional side of the brain is usually the first and the most obvious sign. The feelings of distress are typically intense and noticeable. An individual may experience difficulty concentrating, or has increased levels of alertness of their surroundings and so forth than usual. The rational part of the brain is affected by trauma as well. When there is an amygdala hijack, an individual is unable to think clearly and may behave irrationally. Additionally, an individual may have flashbacks about the trauma, nightmares, or any unwanted, unpleasant thoughts/images in their mind. How does this link to addiction? I will briefly discuss it soon.

There are various types of “mood-altering medications” that play a prominent role in treating several kinds of psychiatric disorders.

Drug addiction is not associated with drug dependence. Some individuals may engage in substance use but they are not susceptible to become addicted to drugs. On the other hand, other people experience difficulties getting out of it. According to research, it may depend on a person’s brain chemistry and hereditary.