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Pretty sick shot from @brithings. If you have ever wondered how I haul all my camera gear around the mountains, look no further! The @atlaspacks Adventure pack! Best pack around! . . . . . #atlaspacks #atlasadventure #adventure #bestpack #bestpacks #adventurepack #outthere #gotmygear #allofit #cameragear #photographerpack #photographer #greatphoto #skintrack #backcountry #isolated #pmphotoassignments #22designs #tele #telemark #telemarketing

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Zoom Lens Trifecta __________________________________ Sony 12-24 f/4 G Sony 24-70 f/2.8 GM Sony 70-200 f/4 G __________________________________ These three lenses can practically get you any shot you could want and cover a focal range of 12-200mm! Some might opt for the 16-35 GM and 70-200 GM for their constant f/2.8 apertures, but unless low light is a constraint you face often, I enjoy the lenses in my kit for a few reasons. The 12-24 offers a much wider angle than the 16-35 and that can make a huge differences when space is limited (for instance indoor shooting) or when you just want to get as much of the scene as possible. The 70-200 G on the other hand comes in at roughly 1lb lighter than its GM counterpart, and although it doesn’t open up as wide, it produces amazingly sharp images with great contrast and resistance to flaring. I tend to use this lens a lot for landscape photography when I want to focus on a particular subject in the scene, and its relatively small size for a zoom lens of this focal length makes it much more bearable to carry around than the heavier f/2.8. I’m typically shooting at a smaller apertures anyways, and I find that in the instances I do want to shoot portraits, f/4 at the telephoto focal lengths usually does a sufficient job in isolating my subject and rendering nice bokeh.

It’s time to be SAFE and stay SAFE... stay at home and save lives! But at the same time finish that book that you started a few months ago, or start that garage project you’ve been thinking, practice your indoor photography skills.

#nofishing this morning at #marshcreek I was too busy with my #cameragear

Let’s play a game: guess what items I’ve used during the corona virus lockdown. Maybe I used all of them or maybe I used none 🤷‍♂️

일몰샷 하나 건졌다 😂😂 (타임랩스 감 잡는 중)