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Let's go sliding burn our fat. Have D3 vitamin by the Sun. #rollerbladingisback #rollerskates #gieajo4 #climatropical #stayathomedad #coronamemes #stayathomeburnout

You’ll never go into the water again... 🦈 🌊 . . . . . #jaws #movie #movies #movieposter #stevenspielberg #lockdown #corona #coronamemes #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogs #chihuahua


Ain't scared😴

are you ready🎧👍💓 بیشترِ مردم به همان اندازه شاد هستند که خودشان تصمیم می گیرند باشند. ☺️ #corona #coronavírus #coronarender #coronamemes

Nala’s face 🤣 We legit haven’t left the house in over a week and we had to run a quick errand today so we took full advantage of the sunshine and fresh air. ☀️ We rode with the windows down and listened to country music and it felt like the normal, good ole days. .. Truth is, I miss being around people so badly and that’s probably the hardest part about all of this for me personally. But I’m thankful for the hope I have in Jesus and I’m so grateful for the medical staff and doctors and emergency personnel who truly give of themselves every single day to keep us safe. 🙌🏼 .. I’m also thankful that in these uncertain times I have this amazing opportunity that I can offer to people who want and need an extra income! If you’ve been laid off your job or if you just want to have extra cushion and a Plan B I’d love to show you a way to make that extra money each month! Right now you can join for basically nothing, earn a $50 cash bonus, a $150 shopping spree, and a $15,000 bonus + $2,000 monthly! There’s no downside to having an extra income + encouraging friends especially during this crazy season! 😜 If you’re wanting more info on what I do, text MONEY to me at 901/496/3479 💕