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Chapter 38 We meet at the restaurant. Johnny didn't look at me at all. I sat next Issac and annie. Not sitting across Johnny it was Maddie. We all ear and sent back to put hotel room. I was almost into my room and Issac grabs me and he lean in a kiss I dodged him. K. We just starting dating I. Oh I'm sorry K. It's okay I went in my room. I didn't went Issac to kiss me at all. We were flying tomorrow back home. -morning- A. Wake up kenz K. I'm wake I got up and dress A. We are leaving now We all grab all are things and went to the airport. then we went on the airplane.i sat down by the window seat and then issac comes to seat next to me I. Johnny let me seat next you K. Oh he did I. I didnt think ask him I.he just told me K. Oh Is Johnny mad at me or something I. Yea Great I have to be by Issac for 8 hours plane ride withhim. We landed. I mostly slept on the plane ride. We arrived at home. I was so freaking tired. I was gonna talk to johnny but he went in his room with emily. What the heck!!!! Ughh I don't care I have Issac. Issac comes in my room and me and him fell asleep in my bed. (Hope u like it and 20 likes and 5 comments for next Chapter) #fanfic #fanfics #fanfiction #johnnyorlando #kenzieziegler #laurenorlando #maddieziegler #annieleblanc #asherangel #explorepage #emilyskinner #10likes #20likes #jenzie #lenzie #mackannie

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How are you guys?🤍

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one day i dream of waking up with a body like mackenzie ziegler 🤩

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i love this bikini top sm!! even tho it’s not sold anymore i bet you could find cherry print bikinis at some other places, it’s a pretty popular pattern :))

i understand why the riots are happening and everything but do people not realize there is still a global pandemic?? it would be much better if people continued with the peaceful protests that are honestly heartwarming to watch rather then angry riots and looting. with these large gatherings of people the second of of them virus is gonna hit much much sooner. we still need to be safe to keep others safe. no matter what

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