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Repost @autogespot_russia ⠀ What’s inside the balloons? 🎈 🤯 ⠀@_rsr001_ знает как сделать красиво🔥🔥🔥

😈🚙The Defender: 5 Truths One Lie - Guess Which Fact Is False? ⠀ 1️⃣The Defender name has only existed since 1990, and before it was simply called LR I, II or III ⠀ 2️⃣The very first prototype had a center-mounted steering wheel - only beat by Ferrari which was the first ever manufacturer to introduce center-mounted steering ⠀ 3️⃣It's the Queen's vehicle of choice when she's not in a limo - moreover, up until recently she was driving the Defender herself. ⠀ 4️⃣You could order one as a monster truck - technically, it is called the Forest Rover, and it was built for forestry work - but feel free to drive it on the roads! ⠀ 5️⃣All Defenders are made with aluminum skin, because of the post-WWII steel supply shortages ⠀ 6️⃣The early station wagon models were built by the same company that did Rolls-Royce's bodies - Tickford. ⠀ ⬇️ Let me know in Comments below which fact you think is FALSE 😈

Repost @ruslan_dominicana ⠀ And are you guys wearing masks while driving? 😈 😷

New Arrival! 🚨🚨 #McLaren720Sspyder With all the Alcantara. #mclarenseattle #720S

Happy Friday #e400 #wagon

Rich offers a very special deal for the purchasers of these two beautiful Italian Stallions! #flemingsultimategarage #ferrarifriday #ferrariforsale #ferrarif355f1spyder #ferrari308gtsi #musclecarsforsale #exoticcarsforsale

No blog today 🌍 Just a photo with one of my favourite cars. How is everybody doing? ⠀ It’s finally sunny and warm in Vancouver and this weather is just calling for a road trip 😭❤️ ⠀ Where are you going to travel to once COVID is over? ⬇️

Mustard & Sriracha mixed might not taste all that good, but it f$@kn looks amazing‼️💯🚀 This 458 is for sale and is still one of the dopest Rari’s rolling Scottsdale. DM for more details

What’s in your driveway for a BBQ⁉️🤔 If your friends don’t inspire you to level up, your circle isn’t as strong as you think.💯🚀

🤯OMG: Are You Guys Even Selling?!🏎 ⠀ 💪🏻I keep getting asked one thing over and over again: "What is going to happen with automotive industry after the lock down ends?" and "Are people even buying cars?" And the answer is, yes. ⠀ 🏎Cars are an essential part of our everyday life: we use them to get to work, to go grocery shopping, to drive to hospital: things that no pandemic can stop. People are buying cars, fixing cars, maintaining cars, - and that is why heroes at the car dealerships get to work every morning to assist clients. ⠀ 😇The automotive industry has been hit hard with some brands losing over 56% of sales comparing to the previous years May and April, however here is what is going to happen: it will recover and bloom brighter than ever, and here is why: WE WILL ALWAYS NEED VEHICLES. And even those people who postponed buying process until the pandemic is over, will soon go ahead with purchasing - and sales that dropped earlier will pick up in the next few coming months. ⠀ 😭Of course it is heartbreaking to hear news of Hertz filing for bankruptcy and some smaller dealerships closing their doors, but there are also some positive news that make us believe in a bright future: ⠀ ⬇️Volkswagen China has now fully recovered it's sales with a sharp increase in the last month ⬇️The first Range Rover made under new social distancing rules drove off the plant in England 😈Russia reports no losses in automotive sector - with sales increasing steadily (no pandemic scares my people 😂) ⠀ 🌍With almost all factories now safely re-opening and innovated contactless sales and service process, we are excited to enter the new era of Automotive World 🌍 ⠀ ⬇️ Would you buy a car during pandemic? Or would you wait?⬇️

Another amazing drive today with the squad!🚀 🔥🎥credit @g6christian_8824

😈High Fashion: G-Wagon or the Rover? ⠀ I’ve posted quite a lot of information on both luxury SUVs but the question remains: which one is better? ⠀ Here are quick comparison points on G63 AMG vs RR Supercharged Autobiography🤯 ⠀ Pricing G: starting at $147,000 RR: starting at $143,000 ⠀ Monthly Estimate Lease G: $2,450 RR: $2,380 ⠀ HP G: 577 RR: 518 ⠀ Width Both 71.8 ⠀ Length G: 191.9 RR: 196.9 ⠀ Height G: 77.4 RR: 73.6 ⠀ I personally would take 2019 G over RR and here is why: ⠀ Updated interior design with Mercedes flagship new combined screen ⠀ Still same rough tank-like look (except for the ‘eyes’ - I think the headlights make it look softer than it should be) ⠀ Higher clearance and increased interior space ⠀ Increased leg room for second row passengers - finally, Mercedes! ❤️😂 ⠀ Power - G blows away all competitors except the Bentayga which it matches. ⠀ What do you guys think? Let me know in comments below❤️⬇️

S A T I S F A C T I O N G U A R A N T E E D. 💯 2 0 2 0 | 7 2 0 S | S P I D E R

🎨 What Your Car Color Says About You?🔞 ⠀ From Lea Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute - one of the world's foremost experts on color choices: ⠀ 🔴Vibrant red What it says: High-energy, sexy, craves attention ⠀ 🟥Burgundy red What it says: Attention-seeking, but subtle and sophisticated ⠀ 🟠Orange What it says: Friendly, fickle, trendy ⠀ 🟡Sunshine yellow What it says: Joyful, friendly ⠀ 🟩Dark green What it says: Traditional, well balanced, subtle, earthy ⠀ 🟢Bright green What it says: Funny, lively, trendy, spontaneous ⠀ 🔵Bright blue What it says: Faithful, calm, dependable ⠀ 🔷Deep blue What it says: Confident, self-assured, dependable ⠀ 🟪Purple What it says: Creative, original, individualist, energetic ⠀ ⬜️Neutral gray What it says: Corporate, practical, pragmatic ⠀ ⚪️White What it says: Clean, prideful, fastidious, pure... or lives in a hot climate ⠀ ⚫️Black What it says: Power, status ⠀ ◻️Silver What it says: Elegant, futuristic, modern ⠀ 🟫Brown What it says: Down to earth, no-nonsense ⠀ 🤷🏻‍♀️Did your car colour matched your personality? Let me know in comments below!


Some fun for the kiddos! 😆 🏎💨💥💥💥🔥🔥

Fresh off the boat! This cool ‘95 Mini Cooper! I have to admit that I was taken a back at how small it truly is! To put it in to perspective... Colin is 6’8”. Shawn is 5’10”. #flemingsultimategarage #minicooperuk #britishracinggreen #britishopenclassicminicooper #minicooperforsale #exoticcarsforsale

Up for sale is this ultra rare 1997 Porsche 993 Turbo S in Indian Red with only 25k miles! Message us for more info! This is an investment time piece! #porsche #porsche911 #porscheforsale #turbo #turbos #porscheturbos #porscheturbo #993 #porsche993 #porsche964 #964 #exotic #exoticcars #exoticcarsforsale #forsale #sales #fast #fastlife #ruff #legend #investment #investmentcars #luxury #luxurycars #luxurylife #money #drive #driven #euro #european

#McLarenMonday is coming in hot 🔥 🔥 #mclarensenna #mclarenseattle #senna

🏎 I’ve Always Wanted to Race: When Adrenaline is in Your Blood 🩸 ⠀ 🥶Growing up, I kept asking my father to buy me more toy cars and while other girls would bring Barbies to the playground, I’d proudly walk out with my collection of cars: mind you, I’d always try to get them to play the race game with me but in most cases, I had to spend time alone with the cars - no girls were interested to share my hobby. ⠀ 🌍Being a teenager, I cut my hair short and could spend hours watching car racing videos and later on help my dad fix his beater🤷🏻‍♀️ ⠀ 👸I’ve always been around cars, and I get this crazy heart-warming feeling seeing my rpm increase and then drop down 🤯 boom! And you are flying, and feeling so excited, feeling the adrenaline rushing through my veins🏎 ⠀ ⚡️Who else here is a car fanatic? Who would rather spend an hour with their car than with friends at a party?😍🏎 ⠀ Comment below 😍

🚙The Electric Future: Upcoming Electric Cars (2020-2021)🌍 ⠀ 🪐Is the future electric? I mean, every single manufacturer now is competing to bring out the best electric vehicle possible: higher range, more sporty, more technologically advanced. So what exciting vehicles are expected to come to the market in the next year or so?⚡️ ⠀ 🏎2021 Ford Mustang Mach-e $50,495 | 459 hp | 475 km range ⠀ 🏎2020 Mazda MX-30 141 hp | 209 km | Pricing is not yet released ⠀ 🏎2020 Polestar 2 $69,000 | 408 hp | 440 km range ⠀ 🏎2022 Rivian R1T $50,000 | 750 hp | 650 km range ⠀ 🏎2020 Tesla Model Y $39,900 | 480 hp | 370 km range ⠀ 🏎2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge $55,000 | 408 hp | 320 km range ⠀ 🏎2021 BMW i4 530 hp | 600 km range | Price is not yet released ⠀ 🌍Would you go electric?⬇️ Comment below!

My fleet this past 3years. Car goals: 2017 Cadillac CT6✅ 2017 Landrover Range Rover✅ 2015 Lamborghini Huracan ✅ 2020 McLaren 720S Spider ✅ Know that I did this with NO hand outs. 4 years ago I was nearly broke. Just moved to a new state, I had no job, I took the last of my savings and started a trash bin cleaning company here in Phoenix, AZ. Yes I clean trash cans and dumpsters for a living! We also started building our own systems to offer this service and now we’re the leaders in the industry. Outside of www.ecowashindustries.com I own three other businesses. This is why you’ll hear me say it often, “you better have a better story then that.” It’s not about how much you have, it’s about the story you share to have earned that wealth.” Stay motivated and never stop looking for opportunities, you just might land in the trash to make all your money! 💯🚀

Can’t wait to get this 2020 Mac 720s Spider out on an ocean scenic rally with @launchautosports. Website live next week! If you would like to learn more DM for club info and future events planned! 🚀


This 05 Gallardo E Gear sold on our BST Cars page on Facebook Join to Buy, Sell & Trade: exotics, classic & modern muscle Search 🔎🔎 BST Cars

B E U N D E N I A B L E .💯

How about 20 second clip of pure fun!? Check out a sneak peek of our 08 Porsche 911 Carrera, doing a cool twisty run. See the whole video of this amazing car and it’s features on our YouTube Channel! #flemingsultimategarage #porsche911carrera #porsche911forsale #musclecarsforsale #exoticcarsforsale #porsche #testdrive #testdriveporsche #porschetestdrive @gopro

RP Rentals coming soon!! Soon you will be able to rent both of these amazing vehicles! 🏎 - Let us know in the comments what else we should rent out!😉 - #rpexotics #rprentals #maserati #ghibli #quattroporte #granturismo #granturismosport #rangerover #rangeroversport #rangeroverhse #rentalcars #exoticrentals #exoticcars #exoticcarsforsale #supercardaily #supercarkiller #stlouis #missouri