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#centralparknyc O lugar onde a arte se estende e as imagens surgem naturalmente. O meu trabalho é transformar o que vejo em obras que irão proporcionar sensações e lembranças em seu ambiente! Esta obra está à venda. Mais informações via DM ou link na Bio. #moldurasdecorativas #quadros #obrasdearte #quadrosdecorativos #quadrosdedecoração #paredesdecoradas #designdeinteriores #arquiteturadeinteriores #decoracaodeinteriores #fineart #fineartphoto #newyork #newyorkcity #newyorkstyle #newyorkstate #newyorkphoto #Fineart

Until we get to the point when we have to choose.Whether to continue the path of will and instinct; And to have a routine life to see what it unveils for us…Or to choose to live, to build a path for ourselves and depart…The dilemma of choosing between accepting the will of life on us or our will on our own life. تا روزی به نقطه ای در زندگی می رسیم که باید انتخاب کنیم. بین اینکه در جهت اراده و غریزه به زندگی روزمره ادامه دهیم و همان تصویری که می خواهد ببینیم ... و یا اینکه انتخاب کنیم‌ برای خود زندگی کنیم. مسیری برای خود بسازیم و بگذریم و دور شویم... انتخاب بین اراده زندگی بر زندگان و اراده من برای چگونه زیستن... #tree   #treestory   #fineart #fineartphotography   #fineartphoto    #photocolection   #philosophy #blackandwhite   #life   #landscape #bnw #bnwlandscape #path #mountain #bridge #polour #dilemma #damavand #routine #routinelife #choose #depart

Heute habe ich was für Euch: Oma & Opa müssen dieses Jahr leider auf die Enkelkinder an Ostern verzichten. Wie wäre es denn mit einem Fine Art Bild von eurem letzen Shooting? Ihr nennt mir eure Nummer und ich erstelle euch auch so eine schöne Erinnerung. Schreibt mir gern eine Nachricht, ich sende euch dann gern Preise & Grössen. Ich kann das Bild auch direkt an eure Großeltern versenden. So seid ihr sicher, dass es pünktlich ankommt.💕 #jasmineredmann #ostergeschenk #neugeborenenfotografie #atelierwassersleben #babyfotografflensburg #mamaliebe #fineartphoto

. Là-haut sur la colline, sous le vieux chêne, nos âmes se sont donné rendez-vous. Dans l’embrasement vermeil du crépuscule, quand la nuit s’apprêtera à étendre ses voiles, un instant suspendu s’offrira à nous. Regardons ensemble briller nos étoiles pour le temps d’un rêve à deux. Chérif kebbas © #poesiefrançaise   #poesiefrancaise #poésiefrançaise   #écriture #écritures #nostalgie #Photofleurs   #photographie   #photoflowers #instafleurs #citation   #texte   #Citationamour   #espoir   #rêve   #citationsamour   #instafleurs #fineartphoto #photographieartistique   #pensées #souvenirs   #poetrylovers   #thoughts #coeur   #sentiments #daisyflowers #fleursauvages

I have been taking pictures of dandelions for as long as I can remember. There’s just something about them that captivates me. Maybe it’s the patterns and negative space that the seeds create - I’ve always been a fan of contrast. Maybe it’s that they are so fragile - one small breeze and they’re gone. Maybe it’s the memories I have associated with them - my family used to have a dog that would eat the heads off them. Now, she liked the yellow ones, and in the spring her tongue was always yellow. We also used to wish on them when we were younger. Sometimes, there wouldn’t be any dandelions blooming, but I wanted a wish so badly that I would pick an unbloomed one so that I could peel it open, pull out the seeds, and toss them in the air so I could make a wish. They never came true though, so I think there must be a rule against using unripe wishes. Have you ever wished on dandelions?

Natural beauty 😍 Swipe for close up 👌🏼 Photographer @ds_sanchez Model @lu.cha.biao Model agency @folio Mua @lapetitevengeance www.dssanchez.com

Some of you still don’t understand the term social distance.

Vous pouvez voir sur la deuxième image de ce post que cette photo était très dangereuse à prendre 😂 il faisait beau samedi alors pour une fois c’est une photo avec un peu d’extérieur! 🤗 Vous aimez ?

تدايما !!✨ رجعنا برسمه جديده بشخصيه مجهوله 🥺بس عجبتني شاركت في مسابقه افنان استمتعت برسمها❤️✨ #dtiys_afnan يمنكنكم المشاركة في أي وقت

Are you doing okay? ✨ Everyone's world is incredibly upside down, so I don't want to pretend that I know what your life is like. But, for me, it has been so stressful... Yet completely normal! And that, somehow, makes it even more stressful? ✨ My day job has me labeled as an essential employee, meaning I work with the public 40 hours a week. I haven't been taking any sessions because of this, which has put my plan to launch my photo business on the back burner. But photography was never about the career I could make out if it or the money it could yield. It was always about the art and my personal creative expressions. So, I will remember that, and allow it to motivate me to continue creating. ✨ Armed with an infinite amount of selfies, I am working to build a unique style that I can offer my clients. I've never been an ordinary girl, and I don't want to provide ordinary photos. 😉 When all of this finally settles, I will be back at it with an improved and polished skillset! ✨ Swipe left to see the before!