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|| WORM MOON 🐛 🌙 || . . Since another full moon has come and gone. Let’s reminisce on our FULL MOON TOUR in March 🎥 @artballa . . #thumbsupbirds #girlgang #stayinspired #outdoorwomen #splitboardgirls #girlswhosplit #simplertimes #fullmoon #fullmoontour #colorado #backcountry #backcountrybabes

Grateful for a little bit of normal life this morning! Virtual training isn’t quite the same, but I got to see some of my favorite faces so I’ll take it! 💪🏼❤️ #girlgang

Scrolling through my pictures this morning, remembering what it was like to travel and get squishy with my people...and praying for the day we can do it again. Good thing we’ve been training for long-distance love for years and years with legendary Skype sessions. 💖🦄

Reaching out for help when you’re struggling in your business can be HARD! 🙈 I’ve been there. I know how it feels. 💓 To support all you beautiful biz owners feeling like you’re hitting walls, tomorrow I am opening up my calendar for FREE coaching calls for anyone who needs some support. Be it business, stress, anxiety, worry or just stuck in a groove... hit me up, I want to support you! 🙏🏼 Link in bio 👉🏼👉🏼 @cordelia.kate

There’s nothing sweeter than sisters. We won’t be physically going to church this year on Easter. We actually go every Sunday, but Easter Service is always our favorite. It’s going to be 28 degrees and snowing here on Sunday, so we had to do a quick shoot in these beautiful dresses! They are more than just clothes. If you know, you know. #repthepack

~ IT IS COMING ~ Are you ready for the very first Pipi Fritter Podcast babe? We are going to do a quick introduction to how all this came about and how much courage it takes for one babe, to just decide to get it done. So many of us have that dream we wish for and never even tackle because we feel inadequate or not good enough. Screw that babe, let's just dive into all that scares the shit out of us and learn step by step how to navigate those inner voices of negativity, sit them to the curb and map out what we came here for!!! Launching really fking soon, get ready, because I am not.

Girl gang 😉🥵 #girlgang #south #besties #ladies

Just ordered these fabrics!!! • • • • I will be getting more soon!!💛 #girlmom #bows🎀 #girlgang #texas #boutique #follow

Throwback Thursday! Who remembers our first JLO vs Shakira Masterclass at @jdgyms? I miss dancing with you all! Tonight is our JLO vs Shakira livestream, who’s joining? Tag the Shakira to your JLO 💃🏼💃🏼

Qabel ma tfacat il Coronavirus. #girlgang #south #besties #onefamily

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish! It’s time to start taking your life and business to the next level. With game changing strategies, unique website design, creative content etc.... @bossmombranding focuses on helping your brand stand out from the rest! Set up a free consultation and LETS WORK☕️