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I was one of the last people on the O-trek before the winter. One of the camps had already closed, and I think the week I hiked was the last week the other camp sites were open. This meant we had the most stunning autumn when I was there. I think each season is beautiful in its way, but I cannot help but favour autumn when it flourishes like this. As soon as the red appears between the yellow and orange 😍 But what particularly struck me was the band of red along the alpine line, where the altitude had brought on autumn a little sooner than in the valleys. We also had some snow high up, which is a mix I never really see much of. These shots were from the second day, which was a nice 8k I think, compared with the 32k I did the day before. We had sunshine, the trail followed this gorgeous glacier lake all the way, and the views of the valley were top notch. Another good day. . . . . #welivetoexplore #travelourplanet #goexplore #neverstopexploring #exploretocreate #wander #instago #instatravel #igtravel #traveltheworld #letsgosomewhere #wanderlust #travel #travelgram #canon #canon_photos #welltravelled #roamtheplanet #discovertheworld #visualsoflife #beautifuldestinations #autumn #torresdelpaine #otrek #chile #lovechile #patagonia #landscape

Easter Vibes 🐣

Here guys, I gathered some good things that happened in 2020 for you to get distracted from refreshing that constantly open worldometer tab: ⠀ ⠀ 🏥 Second person in the world cured of HIV. Thanks to a stem cell treatment, London, U.K. resident Adam Castillejo is free of the disease - 2nd such person in the world. ⠀ ⠀ ☠️ End of Ebola outbreak in Kongo - Last Ebola Patient Is Discharged in the Democratic Republic of Congo, marking the end of the epidemic. ⠀ ⠀ 🐣‘Wonder chicken’ discovered - the oldest fossil of the modern bird to date was recently discovered, dating back 66 million years—before the age of the dinosaurs. ⠀ ⠀ 🏡World’s first 3D-printed neighbourhood built in Mexico. Technology that will help fight poverty? ⠀ ⠀ Good trends we see worldwide in 2020:⠀ ⠀ ✅fewer people smoke⠀ ✅Honeybee populations are on the rise⠀ ✅Ebola vaccine developed⠀ ✅Overall cancer death rate had fallen 26% from its peak in 1991⠀ ⠀ #positive #staypositive #quarantinechallenge #quarantinequeen #stayhome #spring #frankfurt #frankfurtblog #frankfurtblogger #069 #tombstone #tombstonetourism #graveyard #cemetery #macabre #corona #covid19 #taunus #rheingau #wander #explore #goexplore #travelblog #wanderlus #stroll #strolling #walk #walking

Unspoilt and Untouched Wilderness! On an early morning, waking up after a tiring walk for 9 straight hours the previous day. ———————————————— South West Tasmania has been inhabited for approximately 40,000 years, and isolated from mainland Australia since the Bassian Plain flooded 8,000 years ago. Tools, bones and fireplaces found in caves in what is now the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park date aboriginal occupation in south-west Tasmania back to at least 34,000 BP.The South West nation was one of nine across the state, and contained four known clans the Mimegin, Lowreenne, Ninene and Needwonne. They were nomadic hunter gatherers, with staple foods including shellfish, crayfish, seals, penguins along the coast, and wallabies, wombats and birds along the buttongrass plains. ———————————————— Exif: Canon 5D Mark IV Canon 17-40mm 1/200sec, f/8, ISO-160, 17mm ———————————————— #Canon #5dmarkiv #canonmarkiv #tasmaniawilderness #southwest #southwestnationalpark #nationalpark #hiking #wilderness #landscapephotography #naturephotography #grasslands #mountains #cloudscape #instaphotography #mycanon #canonshot #picoftheday #goexplore #seeaustralia #ig_australia #earthpix #landscapecaptures #mountainclouds

Life was definitely peaking! Round 2? @summitingmh #IslandPeak 🗻

A pandemic!? But I’m ready to leave?✨

Last chance to see Cherry blossoms in Tokyo this year. ギリギリさくら

Rottnest's unmissable human-made landmark, the 20m-tall Wadjemup Lighthouse was built in 1849 and was WA's first stone lighthouse.

Not only does Rottnest Island have beaches and bays, it also has beautiful lakes and stretches of hills for you to admire as you cycle around this amazing island.

Happy national day Singapore! 🇸🇬 Here are some quokka pictures from Rottnest island to celebrate the festivity of Singapore’s 54th birthday! If you are planning to go to Rottnest Island, do not fear of not being able to see these adorable marsupials as more than 10000 of them inhabit and roam this beautiful island. (swap to the end to see quokkas in action)

Paying only 5 pounds for what started off only as a small boat shed in 1944, this humble boathouse grew to become an iconic landmark in Western Australia. People from far corners of the globe scramble to queue along a narrow footpath for a photograph. The government also intends to invest 400k dollars to install a toilet for those who visit the blue house.

Just like how graffiti on walls has become an art, neon-lit street signs and signboards have become a unique art piece and heritage in Hong Kong. Photographers gather at the illuminated streets at night, capturing the flamboyant neon lights surrounding the roads with a magical warmth and identity, whilst citizens reminisce growing up under these brightly lit lights.

Also known as the Lion Rock, this ridge has three peaks, the highest of which is about only 500m above sea level. It overlooks the city of Hongkong. The hike itself isn’t that strenuous and is comfortable for beginner hikers. The whole hike takes about 3 to 4 hours going up and down and the nearest MTR station is Shatin. Apart from being a hiking destination, Lion Rock is symbolic for Hongkong’s growth as the Lion Rock Spirit that is embodied by the citizens of Hongkong came from the famous TV show “Below the Lion Rock” which featured the Lion rock and portrayed the hardships and challenges that the people of Hongkong face in 1970s. It was this Lion Rock spirit that helped transform Hongkong into a cosmopolitan financial hub we know of today.

Also known as the “Monster Building”, this spot has been used by a few Hollywood films such as Ghost in the shell and Transformers. The dense buildings underscore the paucity of space in the urban jungle of Hongkong.