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Kõrgus, avarus ja skandinaavialikud heledad toonid kirjeldavad peagi Klaussoni Kommivabrikus valmivaid stiilseid lofte. Prantsuse kalasaba on Skandinaavia kodude alustala, mis jätkub ka vannitoa põrandal keraamilise plaadina. // French herringbone is a staple of Scandinavian homes. Always timless and tasteful. Photography by @holgerkilumets #klaussonikommivabrik #endover #endoverkinnisvara #loft #apartment #newhome #interiordesign #historic #factory #scandinaviandesign #quality

Kanazawa 2019: # 1. Kanazawa Castle - - - Photographer: @erikjawsphoto - - - @visitjapan.us -

Name: Chahar Bagh School Location: Isfahan, Isfahan province, Iran Category: Monument Built: 1714 Era: Safavid Description: Chahar Bagh School is one of the most beautiful monuments of the Safavid era in Isfahan, Iran. نام: مدرسه چهارباغ اصفهان محل: ایران، استان اصفهان، شهر اصفهان دسته بندی: آثار تاریخی سال ساخت: 1126 هجری قمری دوره: دوره صفوی شرح: مدرسه‌ی چهارباغ اصفهان، که امروزه به نام مدرسه‌ی علمیه‌ی امام صادق (ع) مشهور است از بناهای زیبا و شکوهمند دوران صفوی است. https://itourisma.com/Place/chahr-bagh-school/

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This part of the #Gospel is a testimony to the #customs and #habits of antiquity. We know, in fact, that #perfumes and #ointments, between the 1st and 2nd century B.C. were widespread throughout the #RomanEmpire. The best perfumes came from the #MiddleEast. Come and discover our collection of ampoules and glass "unguentaria" from the #Roman era in the #archaeological section of the #Museum. #discoverjerusalem #jerusalem #archeology #archeologist #excavations #archeologicalsites #archeological #roman #rome #story #historic #museumlovers #jesus #holyland #discoverholyland

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On this day 700 years ago the Decleration of Arbroath was sent to Pope John XXII to argue the case for Scottish Independence, making it one of the most important documents produced in medieval Scotland. http://www.bricktothepast.com/blog-to-the-past/the-declaration-of-arbroath #LEGO #legos #legomoc #legominifigs #legominifigures #moc #afol #minifigs #minifigures #history #historic #historical #instalego #legostgram #legobricks #legophotography   #legohistory #legophoto #legogram #art #legocreator #legomoc #legolife #legophotgrapher   #otd #OnThisDay #Scotland #arbroath2020 #declerationofarbroath #arbroathabbey #arbroath

Fruitarama, 185 Kelvin Grove Road, Kelvin Grove. Today we are on busy Kelvin Grove Road watching traffic as it passes Prospect Terrace. Now I can not really make out the businesses along this strip in this 1972 photograph other than “Fruitarama”, which I’m guessing to be a fruit shop. I am also unsure as to what was being documented here in 1972. Was it that the intersection was about to receive an upgrade? I have looked at the rough plans to the North-West Freeway and it could be possible that they were documenting what was likely to be demolished for it, as it appears the proposed freeway would have run though or close to this area. Today this building has remained and the North-West Freeway was never built, though a large corridor of land has been retained all these years to be used for a railway or highway. The fruit shop is long gone with its location being occupied by an accountant. It also appears that the entire building is on the market. As for the low set building to the right, it may look similar from Kelvin Grove Road but from the street behind it is a much bigger structure. I place that this new building appeared sometime between 2002 and 2008. **The time and effort put towards compiling these articles are unpaid. Any brands or business depicted in my postings are purely coincidental and are done without remuneration. (Taken: 1972/2020) (Source: BCC/John Prpic) (Like/Share/Tag/Follow)

What would we do without @themidlandmanchester?! ... A #historic focal point for the #city of #Manchester and the meeting point of #pioneers. 🚗

Press Wale ka Gumbad In 1910s when Zafar Hasan embarked on a journey to document all monuments of Delhi resulting in a massive 4 volume work, he would have faced the obvious disadvantage of no internet and a general low awareness of heritage . However his biggest advantage would have been that these valuable monuments would have been stand out from some distance considering most of the construction around was low rises accomodation. While today , when one embarks to explore hidden treasures of Delhi, the massive urbanization and encroachment all around renders many of these historic buildings untraceable. Many a times they are found to be hiding in plain sight. I was aware of Lodhi tomb with "kharbooza" style dome somewhere in Mohammadpur village near Bhikaji Cama Place. However there was no google location of this and satellite view rendered nothing. So off I went blind hoping that the locals would help find this unknown gem. Upon reaching the village I kept on asking about the location of "gaon ka gummat Kahan hai bhai" and most of the people pointed me to a more famous landmark of Mohammadpur Tin Burjee which lies on the main road and easily locatable. I hit pay dirt when finally a guy remarked " aap shayad uss gummat Ko bol rahe ho Jahan lucky press wala baithta hai". And off i went again asking for lucky press wala near Chaupal. The route took me through meandering lanes until I find lucky press wala and found my gummat ( which is local slang for Gumbad or Dome ) The monument with its special dome exists and as expected is thoroughly ignored . It's inside serves as a parking lot for some rickshawala too. There are electricity wires running from it making it a makeshift pole as well. In Delhi we have -lakkad wala Burj , nai ka Gumbad , maqbara e paik (tomb of a messenger) etc . If this one survives for another 500 years maybe it would be remembered as - press wale ka gummat #delhi #delhi_gram #delhiheritage #history #historic #monument #monuments #india #heritage #delhincr #delhiphotography #delhidiaries #bestofdelhi #instapassport #ig_monuments #indiagram #vintage #ancient #architecture #heritagephotography #islam #islamic #tomb #citytales #city

25 Wellington Street, Coorparoo. Today we are in Coorparoo looking at another old timber home. There appears to have been minimal changes done to this home over the years, the only things I can really point out is that the stairs have changed and that the decretive garnish piece on the gable has been removed. This photograph was one of the photographs that helped me narrow down the years these pictures were taken as the unit complex next door was constructed sometime between 1969 and 1972. This photograph is one of the photographs in the Frank and Eunice Corley Collection or as I like to call them, the 1970s version of Google Street View. For those that don’t know, the Corley Collection is a collection of 61,000 photographs taken in the 1960s and 1970s which have been gifted to the State Library of Queensland in 1995. Frank and Eunice drove around Queensland from Beenleigh to Bundaberg in their pink Cadillac taking photographs of houses and selling them to their owners as black and white prints for $0.99 or $1.50 for calendars. It is believed that they took over a quarter of a million photographs and the 61,000 (67 boxes) that weren’t sold were the ones donated. They operated as the Pan American Home Photographic Co., which was a division of F. & E. Corley Interstate Enterprises and Co. The State Library of Queensland have called for the public to try to help identify the pictures using what they have dubbed, “The Corley Explorer” http://home.slq.qld.gov.au/?fbclid=IwAR2zXQKH0hBGjs_AnIKXcetK7cYthHycYt5eEeUuvIQS-7ooCqUmqFgN66Q **The time and effort put towards compiling these articles are unpaid. Any brands or business depicted in my postings are purely coincidental and are done without remuneration. (Taken: Unknown-Between 1969-1972/2019) (Source: SLQ/John Prpic) (Like/Share/Tag/Follow)

Esso Service Station, 110 O’Keefe Street, Buranda. Today we are in Buranda watching these lovely ladies filling up a vehicle with Esso fuels. Now I know what everyone is going to say, MAN its greener today! But before I get to today, let me start from the beginning. This site opened up sometime between 1955 and 1958 judging by old aerial photographs. I am unsure if it was an Esso Service Station from the very start, but can confirm that it was during the late 1960s at least. As for Esso Australia, it all began in late 1927 when the Atlantic Refining Company and the Union Oil Company of California joined forces and entered the Australian and New Zealand markets as Atlantic Union. With their combined efforts the two proved they were keen to conquer the new market. They built four new terminals, two in New Zealand, one in Balmain New South Wales and one in Spotswood Victoria. In 1928 Atlantic Union launched their first product, Union Motor Spirit, and in doing so paid for full page advertisements in newspapers. This wasn't the only way they intended to get the word out about their new product, they also hired 50 trucks and fitted them with Atlantic Union signage and pumps, then spent a whole day driving them in long convoys though Sydney streets. They blocked intersections, caused congestion and attracted considerable attention. Their best marketing endorsement came from having the pioneering Australian aviator Charles Kingsford Smith using Atlantic Union's products in his flights. This move helped rapidly boost knowledge of the companies existence with the public. The Atlantic Union Oil Company was taken over by Standard Oil Company of New Jersey in 1933. This same year the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey merged with Standard Oil of New York (Socony) to create Standard-Vacuum Oil Company (Stanvac). Socony-Vacuum was formed in 1931 from the merger of Socony and Vacuum Oil Co. Interestingly these two "Standard Oil" companies were once part of one company that was created in 1870 but were forced to split into 34 smaller companies in 1911 as the United States Supreme Court ruled that they had a monopoly. This would repeat itself once more later.

Graceville Methodist Church, 215 Oxley Road, Graceville. Today we are in Graceville looking at the former Methodist Church construction site. This church was opened in 1930 and was constructed to the designs of Walter Taylor. Originally the Graceville Methodist Church began as part of the Sherwood church. In August 1914 it was decided that they would create a Sunday school in Graceville. This initially was held in a shed at the Graceville recreational grounds but by 1917 they had outgrown that space. In January 1917 Taylor, Draper and Hedges were appointed to investigate a possible new location for the Sunday School. A location east of the Graceville Railway Station was chosen along Verney Road. Mr. Taylor then approached land owner, Mr. Keid, about purchasing eight allotments in Oxley Road, Verney Road and Addison Road as they were for sale for £135. He paid a £10 deposit and in February 1917 the church purchased just three allotments for £60. The remaining five were purchased two years later for £75. A loan was then secured for £125 to construct a new hall, which was done so with volunteer labour. This hall was designed by Mr. Walter Taylor, it could seat 120 people and opened on November 3rd 1917. By the end of 1917 the Graceville congregation separated from the Sherwood congregation. The Sunday School continued to grow and by 1924 more space was required, so again Mr. Taylor drew up plans for the extension, which construction was completed on February 4th 1924. The Church Trustees turned to Mr. Walter Taylor in 1928 and asked him to draw up plans for a church on the corner of Verney Road and Oxley Road. The foundation stone was laid on Saturday March 2nd 1929, with construction being undertaken with donated labour, cash and materials. They had hoped to fully erect this new church without needing to borrow any funds, sadly due to the Great Depression and that most of their congregation was unemployed, this was not possible. Instead they were forced to borrow £500 from the Methodist Loan Fund. The completed church was then opened on November 29th 1930 by the Governor of Queensland, Sir John Goodwin.







街燈雨影後 台灣 台南 林百貨 中西區

愛情看似很近。比鄰交織的線條。就像彼此的個性與觀念。但。只只要當初的心還在。兩個人終究會走向前方的幸福。 台南北門水晶教堂