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Why is it people only visit places like @thebritishmuseum is when family and friends come from abroad? I love this place, I’ve been coming here since I was 7 and my father would take me. We would move from world to world with a step through a door, he truly ignited my imagination here. It was a place where all the stories were tangible, where kings and queens, fairy’s and gods were real. I wish more people would find the magic in our museums. . . . . #museum #magic #memories #architecture #history #inspiration #inspireothers #inspired #eventstyling #eventinsperation #goals #eventspace

We live in a generation of not being okay. But do you ever wonder why? Why you cannot stop being the same boring you. Why you cannot fit in or fight for what you have lost. Why you cannot do something good to convince that you are not a loser. Why you couldn't make some people stay or make them understand that you need them. So let me tell you here that, stop being so hard on your self. Stop trying to take control of things that were never meant to stay in your hands. Stop repeating the routines that destroys you. You are okay. Your body is fine. Your jeans is just fine and so is your two year old shirt. Your opinion is fine and yes it damn matters. Your everything is fine and yet you question how small you feel in front of the world. You know why? That is because your insecurities are louder than the person you were meant to be. Your self judgement is what consumes you even when the world welcomes you in their arms. Your thoughts of not being enough is what makes some people leave, even when they had chosen to stay forever. And look who is left behind, it is just you in end who becomes the victim and the abuser of your own body and mind. Darling, hear me, no one is going to save you if you willingly build a wall and imprison your self. You know you hold the hammer to break down your walls and walk into the sunlight. So don't wait for a superhuman in an armour. Be the hero that wears her confidence on her freckled skin. Be the hero who knows how to silence her insecurities. Be the hero with so much faith to save herself and speak her soul. You know you can do it. — Prena Subba #prernapoetry #photography #puppiesofinstagram #positivevibes #resilience #risingagain #inspired #inspirationalquotes #understandingyourself #spilledinkpoetry #warriorgirl #fightingforyourrights #itsoknottobeok #newsunrise

i made a shrimp gorl runs off a bridge also i need help with a name pls ty • • • • • • #shrimp #inspired #okegom #funamusea #orginalcharacter #frig


"The overwhelm you feel is the abundance you asked for." - @jasminestar . Oh bless. . Hello perspective shift 👋 . I mean really y'all, have you thought about how you got to this point? What you said yes to that led you to this nestling anxiety and stress? You sought out a dream, a vision, a desire and here you are. Deep in the throes of it all. Nearing your next breakdown. And wondering how the hell you're going to get through it. . Yep, I've been there. Swimming in a sea of overwhelm. Flooded by the consequences of my pursuits...I get you... I feel you... I also have words for you ✨ . Babe, Breathe. . You are going to survive. In fact, you are going to thrive. And although it might not feel like it right now, you will not drown. You sought out something beautiful for your life. You were made for this dream. Keep going. Calm waters and solid ground are right beyond this wave. . . . #keepgoing #yougotthis #madeformore #starttoday #stjdreamcatcher #women #inittogether #bettertogether #empowered #motivated #inspired #dreamer #lifeishappening #makeithappen #loventuretherapy

My brothers completely smashed tonight!!! And finally got to hear the amazing Phillip Bailey live, wow!!!! #amazing #inspired

Such an amazing view. Actually it would be perfect to build your house right at this spot!

So grateful to @kendavenportbway and @themarshtheater for an unexpected and delightful evening of theater chat with one of my mentors! What an amazing opportunity to finally meet someone I have looked up to for YEARS! And to hear him talk about everything I love, respect, and work so hard for completely fed my soul tonight! Thank God for the artists and the people that support them! #inspired #thankyou #mentor #theatremakers #onfire🔥

If you do not trust yourself you will always be second-guessing and self sabotaging your efforts. You must love yourself and trust yourself. Or love yourself and trust yourself enough to get a good mentor and coach! Start with small successes and work your way up. Do you need small successes in life and in the financial situation to start propelling you’re so forward to figure change and abundance! 🔥🙌 #financialempowerment #learnandgrow #mindsetofgreatness #feminineleadership #trustyourself

Who knew the capital of #California was so historic like that! 🤷🏼‍♂️ can’t say I would want to be come back but glad I seen it.

MOOD BOARD | So inspired by these calming interiors.