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Good morning ✨ Don’t forget to spread love and be kind because is good for our hearts !💕☁️✨🦋

Ok I have to speak on this cuz I literally adore and respect the lukasiaks so much. Soooo all I have to say is STOP HATING ON CHLOE AND CHRISTI FOR NO REASON! Literally Chloe and Christi breathe and y’all start hating on them and how they ruined season 7, like stfu. (And fun fact Chloe returning brought ratings up so your comment on that was irrelevant💀). Y’all don’t know there intentions or their minds so stop assuming the worst ✋. Y’all are FR aggravating everytime y’all make fun of or hate on chloe and Christi and yall need to stop cuz they literally do nothing. They mind their own business and y’all STILL hate on them smh🙄. Christi and Chloe y’all are queens period. Thanks for listening to my ted talk. Ok bye-

happy one month rosieee! everything is in dms! <3 - - - tag lexi and emily! 🤍

Idc what anyone says, Kenzie and Emily have the best friendship🥺

Bringing back FaceFilm cuz y’all forgot it existed- anyways they look so much alike bye-

★ ☆AVELINO D. GONZALEZ {tag @themesoph x5 for a dm} seventeen, october,twenty-sixth. 6’2 and a half. boy and girl kisser. nobody’s boy. dirty minded. jealous type. over thinker. strictly literate. choking & impact play.. waist & hand holder. loves himself a bratty sub. thigh riders>>. smoking and drinking. he/him pronouns. dumb as hell. has the weirdest taste in music. thinks he’s funny. dark humor. hates to show his emotions but is extremely sensitive. gets attached easily. dry if you are. very sarcastic. loves horror movies. will give you a nickname. most likely will call you princess.

what's your fav food?

She is everything ugh!😩💘@lexijayde Ily! <3 She's a goddess. #lexijayde

like for a dm if u bad !!

I love all of them i need them all to reunite after quarantine . I got so happy when i saw rubys and johnnys (ofc 😂) ● ● ● ● ● ● ●@kenzie @johnnyorlando @nayipramos @nadiaturner @itsjojosiwa @lexijayde @rubyroseturner @rumernoel @addisonraee #kenzie #johnnyorlando #nadiaturner #addisonrae #nayipramos #rubyroseturner #rumernoel #lexijayde #jojosiwa #renzie #jenzie #kadia


Happy birthday, beautiful girl. I’m sorry I don’t post often on here anymore. I’ve just been going through a really tough time recently. I love you SO MUCH. You mean the whole entire world and more to me. I hope that 16 treats you the greatest. You deserve all the love and happiness in the world!!!! Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. You’ve gotten me through so much. I hope you know how amazing and beautiful you are inside and out. I’m sending all my love towards you, babygirl 🥺💖💝💗💓🌈💜💚🤍💐🦋 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ☹️

kenzie’s bday wishes pt2

Happy Birthday Kenz !! 🎂🤍✨🥺

I stan 2 Queens !👑💘@lexijayde and @edenmccoy Their friendship is everything!😩👉🏻👈🏻 #lexijayde #edenmccoy

who is the girl lex’s side in the first 2 photos?

Happy birthday Kenzie, I love you so much. You were literally part of my childhood since I was 7 years old when I saw you in dance moms you were always my favorite on the show and for me watching you grow from my childhood until now has been something totally inexplicable I do not have enough words to describe how happy and proud that I am for you I can't believe that as soon as you turn 16 today you can already get a driver's license even if you still have to stay home but I will always support you in all kenzie I know this fanpage is not about you but you are one of my Favorite stans so I decided to make you a happy birthday edit because I really love you so much, thank you for being part of my childhood right now I'm crying because you mean a lot to me all the wonderful things that you have achieved not only the dance but also the acting and being a singer I must admit that I love most of your songs and that your album phases is one of my favorites I hope you enjoy your birthday very much and that it is a very happy and memorable birthday enjoy your day i love you kenzie. . . Cc/ac : mine App : @alightmotion Audio : @kemjly Song : The eden project - XO Dt : @kenzie @lexijayde @emilyskinner @maddieziegler @laurenorlando88 . . . #kenzieziegler #ziegleredits #kenziezieglerbirthdayedit #kenziezieglerisqueen #lexijayde #kenziezieglerbirthday #kenziezieglerfanpages #kenziezieglerpfps #kenziezieglerfandom #lexijaydetheme #kenziezieglerp #lexijaydeintro #emilyskinnerintro #emilyskinnerpfps #emilyskinnertheme

best friendship in the world aww♡ #milliebobbybrown #lexijayde

This girls are such an inspiration,I love you sm #lexijayde #kenzieedits #kenzieziegler

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kenzie I LOVE U!!! sweet 16@lexijayde #kenzie #lexijayde

awww So excited because this little girl turns 16, I'm so happy for her and for everything she's accomplished ily @kenzie #kenzieziegler