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° @the.gentleman.wolf Men are biologically driven to try to impress the female and to feel needed in order to feel loved, but what most men fail to recognize is that a woman's greatest need is emotional intimacy and connection in order to be "in love" with him. Unfortunately, this is the part of the relationship that most men struggle with, they just are not taught how to be emotionally available. Why does this happen? Usually, in the household, the mother takes care of her son, nurtures him, comforts him, feeds him and gives him affection and praise, while the father teaches him how to work, fix things, take care of business and "be a man." So when a man goes into a relationship, he often ends up confused. He's not used to someone coming to him for emotional support, he's used to his mother listening to him about his problems and taking care of HIS needs. He probably never saw his father sitting there, holding his mother, listening to her feelings and being empathetic. So then, he's taught that when a woman loves a man, she takes care of him and when a man loves a woman, he demonstrates his value by fixing things and solving problems. Lack of emotional intimacy leads to lack of love, trust and satisfaction in a relationship and is why most relationships end. Men, if you want her to be happy and satisfied with you, learn how to be emotionally available by listening, being in tune with her feelings, and by being supportive and consistent; her feelings are not something you can "fix." Men also want to feel loved and supported. If you want him to feel emotionally safe, try not to be overly critical or negative with him, but be supportive and reward him for what he's doing right in the relationship. Remember, a woman in love will do anything for you, but it's your job to do whatever it takes to earn her love and keep it. -Joel Clemons • Love, Life & Relationship Coach @the.gentleman.wolf - #motivationandmusings

Reposted from @success.ingredients (@get_regrann) - Find the things you are good at. When you do, seek to find enthusiasm. Good + Enthusiasm + Hard Work = Greatness and Mastery. Don't underestimate your passions and talents, in combination, they work wonders. 🙏 - 📸@alijeb23 #visualart #edits #ralphwaldoemersonquotes #enthusiasm #quotestoliveby #blackandwhitephoto #optics #creativeedits #manipulationediting - #steampunk #cameraface #moonmuings #wisdom #motivationandmusings

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Reposted from @philosophybits (@get_regrann) - “An important memory is like a gravitational field – the mind is compelled to return to it again and again. It is like a moon; it lives in light and shadow.” – Rikki Ducornet, Gazelle . . . . . . #RikkiDucornet #Gazelle #Ducornet #philosophybits #quotes #qotd #quoteoftheday #quote #quotesoftheday #quotestagram #philosophy #philosopher #philosophyquotes #wisdom #wordsofwisdom #wisdomquotes #literature #words #reader #reading #igreads #books #booklover #bookaddict #bookquotes #bookworm #booknerd #bookish #motivationandmusings #bibliophile

Reposted from @charliemackesy One day we will be free again to roam and turn up at a friend’s house. To go to cafes, shake hands and hug. One day we will remember what brought us all together, and what reminded us of what really matters. We will chat about the courage of so many. One day we will be free but different. Better, kinder and braver. - #charliemackesy #lovethis #wisdom #truth #kindness #talent #watercolours #watercolors #flyaway #motivationandmusings

Reposted from @katymeowww This is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play. #AlanWatts #art @shadesofkaty - #motivationandmusings

Reposted from @srrnddbybty Nature kissed me today and I liked it! (((Hugs to Everyone!!))) Remember to pause and take time to see the beauty surrounding you. Breathe deeply... Inhale... Exhale... It’s going to be alright. 💕 #corona #encouragement #spring2020 #naturephotography #motivationandmusings

Reposted from @connecting_consciousness I'm sure we are missing a few here... but BLESS these people.. _ Farmers - I believe this event has incentivized more people than ever to become more reliant on themselves and their local area, than ever before. _ Growing your own food, supporting those around you who are doing the same, and getting much healthier because of it. _ Blessings family, stay safe #motivationandmusings

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Reposted from @findtheothers_ Posted this to my story back in January during the bushfires here in Aus, which proceeded to flooding. It seems humanity is undergoing such a battle at the moment. I’m sure we’ve navigated our way through far worse than this. #findtheothers #consciousliving #spiritualjourney #introvert #philosophyquotes #writerslife #mindfulness #writerofig #philosophy #motivationandmusings

° @gloriyanedler • when someone shares their pain, the areas of their life where they are still finding personal strength, the parts of themselves they are trying to outgrow, the mistakes they believe they’ve made, and the behaviors they are trying to reprogram, understand what a privilege you have been invited to be a part of. ___ when someone lends you their vulnerability, they are standing in front of you bare, giving you access to their depths and often at moments in which they are most susceptible to be affected by your subsequent choice of action. ___ you can view your relationships as opportunities to exhibit a false sense of power at the expense of someone else, but understand that the vulnerable are only lending a sense of power to those who choose to exploit their openness. no true exchange is made when using someone else’s truth to manipulate their thoughts and invoke action based on that manipulation. getting someone to act how you want them to, to feel how you want them to, is a limited subscription to a truth that isn’t theirs and a “high” that isn’t yours. eventually, balance will be restored as they replenish their truth, leaving the exploiter as disconnected from their own vulnerability, from their own truth as ever before. ___ *a note to the vulnerable: understand that everything you say can be used against you, so do your best to lend your truth to those whom you trust and be sure to start with yourself. it’s okay to choose incorrectly who to share your vulnerability with. it’s okay to want to trust untrusting hands that reach out in hopes that their intentions are pure. you will only be strengthened by your willingness to expose yourself to a world that only thrives when you are connected to your own story and the deep work required for you to live it authentically. be cautious but not unwilling to be hurt, for you may be teaching someone how to be themselves in the process. ___ drop a “❤️” if you’re not afraid to be vulnerable. @gloriyanedler - #wisdom #knowledge #truth #success #manifest #entrepreneur #motivation #striving #motivationandmusings #psychology #savedbygrace #seeker #dream #dreams #future #focus #love #happy #intuition

Reposted from @man_under_construction_ When we are too busy looking down we miss what is going on above. Pushing people down is an act of pride and arrogance, which is usually covering up something much deeper. Insecurity, low self esteem, possibly elements of narcissism. Being stuck on this mentally leaves no room for growth as a man. Although it appears as growth or elevation, it is only because of the pile of bodies under us as we step on them. Fake maturity and success. We grow when we allow others to grow. ///// check out the revamped link in my bio, get quick access to the podcast, @kibookclub , and YouTube channel. ///// #manunderconstruction #motivationandmusings #masculinitymastered

° @jmstormquotes Thinking about you. In My Head volume II is available through Amazon and volume I returning soon. #jmstorm #jmstormquotes #inmyhead - #motivationandmusings

° @charliemackesy A drawing I posted not long ago before all this began. Feels like it’s worth posting again. Hope you’re doing ok wherever you are. - #motivationandmusings

° @nicolewildrose It was unprecedented for some, and long awaited for others... Behold, the world enters into a global lockdown. I become excited when things are turned up a bit and start to feel real. For too long, this huge wheel has been turning, and every single human - it’s fuel. The cities that never sleep. The shops that never close. The people that always work, always pay their taxes, the machine is always turned on, exhausting everyone. Money is worshipped, the gods of power and finance have ruled the day, and dictated the motions of all, enslaving all at the bottom of the pyramid , the ones that breathe life into the system and make it possible , are the very ones enslaved from birth to the grave. Like a generational curse. The system is sick. We all know it. The false gods of old and new. Time & Money. Inextricably linked. And now it comes to a standstill. Those who developed an inward gaze were prepared , albeit unknowingly, for an event like this, there is no panic but stillness through the storm and the duty of extending warmth and care to all that they can. It’s a harsh wake up call. It’s an opportunity. It’s a moment to pause and breathe. Transformation is concealed beneath this, transformation can be painful but it is the gift. You’re the destined Phoenix. It is never comfortable when something old has to die in order for something new to be born. Perhaps this was inevitable, or else this would have imploded completely. Don’t look at this event with ordinary eyes, and keep the inner flame alight. There is light at the end of this. & it is always within. . . Nicole Wildrose . . . .@mypillowsofterthanyours 📷 Such a joy to collaborate with you ! #motivation #motivationandmusings