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We know it‘s tough right now, but keep moving through.

Creative Cabinet- I saved these Starbucks mug boxes knowing I could repurpose them. They’re very sturdy, logo free and I love the color. With extra time at home, I created my creative cabinet. Now all my sharpies, string, tape, glitter, etc. are all together! Let the creative juices flow. Think outside the box, or in this case with the box. #professionalorganizer #napochicago #repurposed #chicagonorthshore #becreativeeveryday #starbucksboxes #organizationhacks #outerorderinnercalm

My work here is done. The fridge was the remaining item on the kitchen zero baseline list. I am ready to brave a trip to the shops now, safe in the knowledge that the science experiment of the almost finished Stilton from @paxtonscheese that was lurking at the very back since Christmas has been disposed of. I briefly considered whether it could be re-purposed into an enzyme peel face mask. #keepbuggeringon #outerorderinnercalm #stayhomeandtidy #whatsforlunch #homeorganisation

Drop a 💛 if you agree. While we haven’t had the start to 2020 anyone was expecting, we’ve also created memories that will never be forgotten ✨

Remember this. Especially in these challenging times.

Isaac Newton developed the theory of gravity while sheltering in place at home to escape an outbreak of the plague in London. . "It was not, as myth suggests, a fortuitous collision with an apple that inspired Newton's revolutionary theory of gravity. The year was 1666, and the twenty-three-year-old physicist had temporarily left Cambridge University for his childhood home in Lincolnshire, England. Unlike most scholarly boys in their early twenties, young Isaac didn't come home to do laundry; rather, Newton had abandoned his studies because the Great Plague was sweeping across London." - Reid Wilson, Stopping the Noise in Your Head . We can't know what, good or bad, will come out of this time. I hope that the possibility of the good inspires and uplifts you today. 🌸 . . . . . #shelterinplace #sparkjoy #mariekondo #konmarimethod #professionalorganizer #professionalorganizing #yourjoyfullifetidy # #covid_19 #covid #corona #coronavirus #springcleaning #keepbusy #keepingbusy #makethemostofit #tidyingup #organizedhome #intentionalhome #decluttering #inspiration #inspiring #isaacnewton #sirisaacnewton #outerorderinnercalm #physicaldistancing #socialdistancing

Don't underestimate the power of a good workspace. In these crazy times, our surroundings can help bring a sense of calm and order in a world that has a lot of chaos. A couple weeks ago I rearranged my new office - instead of having the window directly behind my computer screen, it is now beside me, and instead of having my back to the door, I can now see it from where I sit. It feels cleaner, brighter, and more efficient. I trimmed the overgrown plant, added personal touches that being me joy, and made things easier to find. As many are now working from home, take the time to arrange your desk in a way that works for you. Chances are it's not going to be perfect, and that's okay. This is temporary. It can be very uplifting and refreshing though to have a clean workspace (channelling outer order, inner calm... thanks @gretchenrubin!). What makes your workspace great? 👇👇👇

What have you been doing to bring inner calm to your day? 👇👇 Let us know! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #gretchenrubin #outerorderinnercalm #gretchenrubinbook #innercalm #organizing #organized #organize #springcleaning #quarantidy #quarantineclean #harmonybooks #book #bookstagram #igreads #instabook

My desk was *actually* naked for a minute yesterday, ya'all. She got a bath and a smudge and a new spot in my office. . Sometimes I need to physically move things to get new energy flowing!! . In order for new ideas to flow, I need to stop holding so tight to my old ones. . To be creative, I need to clear some space. . I could feel the ideas right on the edge of my brain. I could feel that there was a way for me to be even more in service right now. . But my desk was SO CLUTTERED (literally and metaphorically) that I couldn't see past my own fear, my own attachment to a false sense of certainty, my own desperate clinging to How Things Should Be in order to fully hear that divine inspiration. . I basically took everything off except the computer and corresponding accessories, and I'll add things back in as I need them. Or maybe I'll just keep everything aside and keep my desk this clear. . Because this is the desk of a #bossbitch who is about to move some serious energy. I'm listening and ready to work, Universe! . Plus now I can use those Golden Girls zoom backgrounds. 😂😂😂 . How are you making space for yourself right now? If you are someone whose job it is to hold space for others, are you creating space for yourself? . #selfcareinthetimeofcorona #selfcare #cleandesk #timetowork #homeoffice #rearranging #createspace #clearingforcreativity #entrepreneur #holistichealthcoach #holistichabits #holisticmeanseverythingisconnected #aswithoutsowithin #outerorderinnercalm #fitfoodieheadquarters

Sacred Space- Created a colorful corner on our bookshelf with my organizing books and favorites from Gretchen Rubin. My go-to books while I shelter in place. Off brand The Home Edit way with my mixture of color. Organize what and how you like. #professionalorganizer #thehomeedit @real_simple @gretchenrubin @thehomeedit #outerorderinnercalm #napochicago #chicagonorthshore #organizingbooks

Quarantine Update, Weekend Edition: Finally organized pantry and fridge. Forgot to buy food. • • #shelterinplace #outerorderinnercalm #organization #hangry

1. Play an old school board game with your family or roommate #Monopoly #TheGameOfLife #Clue #Battleship 2. Take some Live Skype guitar lessons @jefficaalba 3. FaceTime a personal trainer for a virtual session at home @fit4life8021 4. Teach your dog to shake. No Hand sanitizer needed! https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/training/how-to-teach-your-dog-to-shake-hands/ 5. Order some trial eyeglass frames to choose after you get the eye exam you’ve been putting off https://www.warbyparker.com/home-try-on 6. Call an elderly neighbor or family member and ask them what you can pick them up at grocery while you’re there #KnockandBackWayUp 7. Tell someone you love that you love them #letthemknow 8. Take your dog for a walk, if you don’t have one take yourself for a long walk with a good audio book https://apps.apple.com/us/app/audible-audiobooks-originals/id379693831 9. Clean up, make your bed, organize your closet #OuterOrderInnerCalm 10. Pray & Thank God...it could always be worse #Deuteronomy 31:6

Not going anyplace for awhile? Consider going through your spices🌟 Amazon sells bulk spice jars like these. Review: Get ALL the spices in one spot. 🌟 Edit: Throw out anything expired. Only keep the ones you know you will use.🌟 Arrange: Figure a way to store the rest. Like most things you have many of, if you can’t see it, you probably won’t use it, so why have it? 🌟 I like making my own labels so I can add the expiration dates on the top of each bottle. This makes it easy to see at-a-glance what is old and which jar is what.🌟

I shared my bookshelves over on @quercusbooks today, as part of a series we're running showing staff shelves. But what I DIDN'T show was the top shelf. ⁣ ⁣ When I moved in, I put this cloche up here to make sure it didn't get broken by the kids. I wasn't sure what I wanted to put in it, so I left it empty. But it started to feel like a visual reminder of my word for the year: space. Now, I actually love looking at it, with its sun candlestick buddies.⁣ ⁣ It also reminded me of this @gretchenrubin quote about keeping an empty shelf: "An empty shelf shows I have room to expand -- I'm not crowded in by my stuff, I have order and space."⁣ ⁣ That's a feeling I've been seeking for a VERY long time, so I think it'll be staying empty for the foreseeable future.

🚨 QUICK GIVEAWAY!!!! 🚨Over 10 years ago, my sister gave me a book by @gretchenrubin called “The Happiness Project”. 😊 I was immediately intrigued by her writing and research into the world of “happiness”. 📚 I have since read all her books and I listen to her podcast when I walk the dog. This book: “Outer Order, Inner Calm” is equally as captivating and encouraging as her other books. 🥰 She helps YOU, the reader, regain control of your life - without big lectures or empty fluff. Her research is based on science, history and the understanding of human nature - yet she delivers her message in a clear and easy to digest way. And guess what... in cleaning my office, I realized that I have an extra copy of this book laying around - ready to be shared with one of my hygge-loving friends. 🚨 This is the easiest giveaway known to man: LIKE this post and TAG a friend who wants more hygge and happiness in their life. 🚨 (This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram. Hygge in the Now is responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway ends April 10, 2020 at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Winner will be randomly chosen and contacted directly. Winner must reply within 24 to claim prize.) Photo credit: @thesproutingimage

Ordnung muss sein ... or...There must be order! I have been feeling like a right old Sisyphus and just as I was gathering breath to complain loudly - woe is me style - to my mother (or Mutti 🤣 if you prefer) - I realised that the current exceptional circumstances have just highlighted those aspects of my household management which are insufficient, but which I have been able to mask under normal circumstances. So. I thought I might as well tidy the bootroom. It was crisps for lunch again (haha- no I had a stew in the freezer, so we were ok). Can you believe that all this rubbish fitted into these two cupboards? Can you believe that with all this stuff my children would regularly say that they didn’t have anything to wear?! It mostly all went back in - I removed one box of out of season equipment, found new homes for a couple of coats and some children’s wellies. The last picture is just to revel in my victory. #outerorderinnercalm #ordnungmusssein #declutteringmylife #organising #covid

Get Organized Hack- Use plastic gum containers to store your vitamins or other small items. Great for traveling or in your bathroom drawer. Replenish as necessary. Backstock the bulky bottles. Be sure to label! What would you fill it with? #professionalorganizer #organizationhacks #chicagoorganizer #chicagohomeorganizer #napochicago #outerorderinnercalm #reusehouseholditems

Most people hate 😡 cleaning up and organizing, but we are slightly 🤪 crazy. We 💜 organizing and helping people get their home 🏡 lives in order. We agree with @GretchenRubin that Outer Order makes for Inner Calm! ​ ​Our customers are the best! ​

Sometimes you just gotta get a fresh haircut and dress up even if you're just staying home. Need a trim? My girl is still doing in home cuts, styles, fades and braids! Support local, support independent contractors, support each other! #quarantinelife #stayathomefashion #haircut #girlswithshavedheads #girlswithshavedsides #undercut #rockthatbuzz #thisis30 #30 #asymetrical #vikinghair #valkyrie #valkyrielifting #legginglife #tattooedwomen #tattooedfitness #tattedbabes #icoachonline #followforfollowback #trainandflourish #outerorderinnercalm #selfcare #dowhatyoucan #dowhatmakesyouhappy

Decided to organize my front closet today. Here are just a few of the pairs of workout/running shoes that I pulled out of my front closet and mud room. I don't wear any of these to workout anymore. I've kept them just in case I needed an old pair of shoes to work in the yard/walk the dog in the rain/clean up the basement/paint or any other task that would require an "old" pair of shoes. I loved all of these shoes, but it's time to say farewell. Feeling accomplished.

Are you struggling to find ways to exercise or keep up with your #Walk20in20? Here's a Happiness Hack from today's #HappierPodcast: If you can't go outside because of rain or physical distancing, combine your twenty minutes of daily walking with clutter-busting. Walk around your house and clear clutter in drawers, on shelves, in closets, at your workspace. This is the season of spring cleaning, after all! In this episode, @lizcraft and I also share a Try This at Home tip: Write a letter of congratulations to your future-self for having achieved whatever you want to achieve. In the letter, outline the steps you took that allowed you to be so successful. How did you handle predictable challenges? What changes did you make in your life? Put in as much detail as possible. What part of the discussion from this week’s podcast struck a chord with you? Listen to episode 267 of "Happier with Gretchen Rubin" in your favorite podcast app or click the link in my profile to see the shownotes for this episode. Pictured: A glorious tree in Central Park during a recent walk on a non-rainy day. (Note the lack of people!) #clutterclearing #springcleaning #outerorderinnercalm #COVID19 #physicaldistancing

{SWIPE FOR THE BEFORE} Here’s what you’d never guess ... Organizing can be very therapeutic. It doesn’t seem like it would be when first confronting an overwhelming space. But once you get into a slow, steady rhythm of sorting, watching the transformation brings such peace and calm. The hardest part? Getting started. That’s what I’m here for. This client was overwhelmed by the space, unsure where to start. 2 hours later this was the result ☝🏼 Not pictured: pure relief. How can I help you get started transforming your space? Send me a DM and let me know how I can support you as you bring order and peace to your home. . . . . #roomsneedlove #homeorganizing #homeorganization #organizingtips #organizing #organizedlife #organizedliving #simpleliving #simplify #clutterfree #cleartheclutter #tidyhousetidymind #tidyhome #declutter #organizingideas #simplifyyourspace #decluttering #beforeandafterorganizing #beforeandafterorganization #reducestress #outerorderinnercalm #stressless

- 這樣開始也不錯 - 斷捨離到目前三四年 還是有卡關的項目:不好賣的東西 看了這本書之後決定今年要告別它們 - 「稟賦效應」使然,某一件物品一旦變成我們的,我們就會更重視它。 東西一旦進了家門,要再把它們送出門就困難重重。 「要不是我已經有了,我會買嗎」如果不會,幹嘛還留著它? - 這句太點醒我了! #declutter #斷捨離 #斷捨離進行中 #極簡 #極簡主義 #極簡生活 #minimalism #outerorderinnercalm #這樣開始也不錯 #這樣開始也不錯擺脫束縛的一年 #博客來 #電子書 #閱讀筆記 @bookstw

Beauty Hunting - look for 5 beautiful things a day. What was one of your Beauty finds? My 5 for today: 1️⃣ Went for a walk around the neighborhood ❤️ Since I’ve been averaging 150 steps a day, thought it’d be nice to take some strides! 😂 2️⃣ So good to get back into my Pillar Pages and listen to the Sheri + Nancy podcast (Jack Canfield was their guest!) 3️⃣ Elizabeth Gilbert is one of my favs and today she shared a beautiful story about her beloved Rayya 4️⃣ “Outer order creates a feeling of sanctuary...Once visual noise is eliminated, I feel more focused and there’s more room in my mind, my schedule, and my space for creative activity. Instead of being sources of stress, my home and my office are places of comfort and energy.” Gretchen Rubin. This must be why I’m feeling more peace and calm these days as I tackle getting my home in order 🏠❤️ 5️⃣ I reminded myself that each day is an opportunity to live joyfully 🥰 #beautyhunting #getmoving #itswarmingup #beautifuldayforawalk #pillarpages #dreamtribe #sheriandnancypodcast #jackcanfield #elizabethgilbert #storyteller #gretchenrubin #outerorderinnercalm #livejoyfully #opportunitytofocus @marciepartie

Paper vs Cloth napkins-What do you use? Added some cloth napkins (lower right corner) to my kitchen drawer to make it easy to grab when setting the table. Trying to be green. Don’t save your cloth napkins for special occasions. Every day is special. Use what you own! #chicagoorganizer #professionalorganizer #kitchenorganization #usewhatyouown #usewhatyouhave #outerorderinnercalm #napochicago #clothnapkinseveryday

How cute are these little chair hooks from @ikea? Yesterday I cleaned out and painted under the bathroom sink. I think...I’m out of indoor projects. Thank goodness it’s spring! Can you imagine if we had to do this in winter? • • • • • • #homesweethome #quarantinelife #pandemicprojects #kitchenstuff #cuttingboards #ikeahome #hangitup #organizedkitchen #southernhome #southernkitchen #homedecor #safeathome #pandemic2020 #ikeaorganization #aplaceforeverything #organizedhome #organizedlife #outerorderinnercalm

Books #23, 24, 25 (love Akata Witch: Nnedi Okorafor is a fantastic writer), 26 (Count of Monte Cristo was a reread-- one of my all-time favorites) I've read last yr 2019 that I failed to share • • #TalkingCatReads