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The grass began growing two months early here. Between that, plentiful rains and 'Safer at Home" orders, my neighborhood has a new kind of Happy Hour. I've never heard so many mowers. ⁠ ⁠ I've been keeping two hands on my keyboard today to keep from touching my face. It's almost time to pick up those two glasses of wine for the same reason. ⁠ ⁠ Cheers to whatever you have planned for the weekend. Stay safe and be well. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Day 1. Our national shut down starts today as we ramp up our fight against COVID-19. These days will be remembered in modern history - not only for what we did during the crisis, but for how we lived after. Will we have a greater appreciation for the Earth... for each other? Or will we just return to normal? Only time will tell. 🌍💕

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MARCH 28 2019 One good thing about mirror is that it has no filters or shades like glasses or perceptions.It doesn't judge you & it allows you to see yourself exactly the way you are at that certain moment then it's good to feel that at least one person in this world is clear about you in any way & that is YOU yourself ! Follow @prashantwritez for more !@fairysforum @poetstribe @wordporm @scoopwhoopwordgasm @wordgasm__ @wordgasmofficial #englishpoetry #englishquotes #writersofindia #writerscommunity #poetsofindia #indianpoetry #poetry #poetsofnojoto #englishpoetry #lovepoetry #writers #poets #igpoets #poetstribe #lovepoems #poemsporn #poetrycommunity #shayari   #wordporn   #instapoet   #writersofinstagram   #poetsofig   #wordgasm   #sayings   #alfaaz   #shayarilover   #lovequotes   #poetsofinstagram

Thank you @_honeyandsmoke_ for facilitating space for our resiliency at this time, and for publishing one of my “erasure poems for a virus.” This one was the most surprising and sweet, and helped me shift to a place of healing in my body. #metamorphosis #erasurepoetry #benokri #famishedroad #oya #covid19 #resiliency #poetsofinstagram #nationalpoetrymonth

..................................... You've Got Mail! you're compatible with mental illness. I despise opening my inbox because in no particular order it reads: how are you coping? is technology making us more anxious? are we lonelier than ever? how is eating impacting you? mental health- what is depression? with every single subject line a question to which these people think I have no answer I think I know what's up with me if I'm the one experiencing it, I don't need someone to tell me "here read this, it gives you a breakdown of what anxiety is" let me tell you what it actually is. having anxiety is a constant state of worry about little things, big things, everything in between and around all the time like being stuck in a paradigm. it is a weakening breathless in a cloud of confusion, a non stop grinding and pounding in my lower abdomen like a tough piece of beef being tenderized except there is absolutely nothing tender about it. a chronic obsession with feeling little and feeling too much, grinding of my teeth to find I've bit my cheek, my tongue is swollen, lips creased to perfection, scratching at the inner part of my elbow till constellations of crimson appear, kissing a knife over old cuts, a feeling of clammy inside and out, evaporation of stress. A twitch in my knee a recurring trembling, a stut- tut- tut- tter like a broken record, An ache in my head that sends my temple's running for faith but sometimes they choose to rebuke God even though I'm a believer, a relentless belief of unworthy and useless but I am so empathetic I want to help everyone, carry everyone's load so no one has to hurt despite my branch like arms. My mind is a piece of machinery I don't understand, I could masters in engineering and still not comprehend, See, Anxiety and I we're more than friends, were intimately sad and wistful and we have close encounters with depression. I languish with them together for I have no one but my discontent, as if a pile of a week old dirty laundry I wallow in the stench of despondency, drowning in a pensive worry and uncertainty, predicting every possible outcome and combinations of scenarios. (Read remaining in comments!!)

Here’s my concept commercial for the 2020 iPhone line up; graphics from @everythingapplepro