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Things come and go and come again. Like the waves on the ocean, our experiences come into being and then disappear as new experiences take their place. But the ocean remains. Even our perception of ourselves changes as time goes on. We are like the ocean, there is a part of us that is untouched by the transience of existence. . . . . . . . . . #Energy #Universe #Spiritual #enlightenment #awakening #self #positivity #oceanic #spiritualquotes #spiritualawakening #meditation #higherconsciousness #collectiveconsciousness #collectiveunconscious #consciousness #conscious #higherself #psychedelic #mindbodyspirit #innerpeace #buddha #wisdom #presence #presentmoment #source #tao #zen #transience #art #oneness

sometimes we forget how we are. #poemxheaven

Dear 8th grade Class of 2020, You might not be a high school senior, which would be so much harder and I’m thinking of all of you during this time, but this was kinda a big year for you too. We know how much you were looking forward to the 8th grade class field trip to Knotts, 8th grade Washington DC trip, your last walk down the halls, getting your yearbook, 8th Grade graduation celebration and spending the last few months with classmates that you have been with since Kindergarten and who are now possibly heading to different high schools. For many of us as parents, we were looking forward to seeing our “baby’s” end of their Middle School celebration and cross over to being a big High Schooler. For many of us as parents it may be their first child 😭, and for some it may be their last child or your only child to graduate Middle school and see them growing up so fast. We want you to know that no matter what, we love you and we will get through this time together. We are so hopeful that you all stay safe & healthy, which is most important. There will be more special memories to make down the road, we promise. For now, cherish the memories you have & the friends in them. If you have an 8th grader copy and share with his or her picture 💖🎓👨🏻‍🎓😢

Spring is here!!! 🌸 What is your intention for this week? Just like seeds of flowers; we to deserve to grow after being planted. #nails #positivity #love #flowers #spring #nailsofinstagram

Hi there, welcome to this new account, New Chapter, New Day! 🍌🍎🌞🌱 This page will be used to spread positivity through times like we are in now. We will also be sharing recipes, workouts and posting others on here to give you motivation and left feeling inspired. Our goal for this page is to bring together a community of people who have the drive to create a better lifestyle for themselves physically, emotionally and mentally. We want to provide people with the tools such as daily motivation, fun and healthy recipes and workout ideas etc. We can’t wait to see what this page brings/ turns out to be. I hope you stick around for the journey🧡 Hope you all are having a wonderful day and stay positive🌟🌏🌛

“I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision” - Maya Angelou It’s been a week since I moved in with Gabe, and what an amazing week it’s been. I only just unpacked my makeup yesterday and I really enjoyed the ritual of putting it on today. My morning routine has totally changed - I have someone beside me, holding me close, kissing me goodbye as I go to work. In a lot of ways, the absence of loneliness is tough to adjust to. More than once I have popped my head around doorways just to make sure he’s still there, that he’s real. I’ve been hesitant to relax, holding my breath, afraid that at any minute that rug will be swept out from underneath me, and I will be alone again. But I’m finally exhaling. I’m in a fantastic place (physically and mentally), especially considering everything happening in the world right now. I have allowed myself to trust, and it feels so fucking good to have an open heart again. Do one kind thing for yourself today. Even if it’s just forgiving yourself for sometimes not being so kind to yourself. We’re human, we’re alive, and we will thrive. 🌸💕🌸💕 #selfie #positivity #mayaangelou #lemons #selfacceptance #selflove #joy #forgiveyourself

Harekala never received any formal education himself but is putting in all efforts, including spending his savings to build a school in his village for unprivileged kids to get education and grow in life. #MondayMotivation

What is a seat at the table? A seat at the table is an invitation to embrace yourself, to recognize you are worthy and capable of making decisions in your life. It’s an invitation to voice your opinion in the direction of your life and realize you are worthy every step of the way. A seat at the table is self love • #selflove #seatattable #positivity #manifestation #love #self #loveyourself #worthy #youareworthy #capable #divineguidance #motivation #self-love

We don’t all have the privilege to be vegan, zero waste climate activists: we don’t all have to be. But, we can all change at LEAST one thing to ensure a safer future for our planet. It’s so hard to narrow it down to one act - but if I could urge you to #change1thing I implore you, refine the media and content you consume. Mainstream media can’t always be trusted to bring light to the most critical issues, and very rarely talk about environmental and social justice issues. For me, these are the most important pieces of information. As well as news sources neglecting issues, almost all media sources, celebrities and businesses will utilise social media to encourage us to partake in unnecessary consumerism, usually for products that have detrimental impacts on our planet, other people and animals, and us. Over the past few months I’ve taken steps to ensure I’m seeing what is important, and avoiding anything that is likely to break down my self esteem or induce FOMO in order to pressure me into buying something I don’t need. Unsubscribing to emails is a great start. Just a few short months ago I was signed up to the mailing list of every fast fashion brand you could name in order to get that 10% off my first purchase. These used to pop up on my desktop to notify me of their huge flash sale (which is never a good sign) and before I realised what I was doing, I was anxious until I had all the latest trends. Admittedly, kicking this habit is still a struggle. I also prefer to read news articles (I personally like @guardian) rather than watch it on TV. I’m part of many Facebook groups in which people share relevant articles, and it’s amazing. Instagram is what you make of it. Since unfollowing celebrity influencers and fashion brands and replacing them with writers, activists and ethical influencers, it feels like an entirely new platform, and is such a positive and inspiring space now. Consumerism and lack of awareness are huge reasons why our world is such a mess, in so many aspects. In order to resist, we need to support ethical influencers and news outlets who are dedicated to covering the issues that others choose to neglect. Then, the rest comes easy🌱

Blessed and grateful for everything that I do have 🙏🏽. Ready to smash the week 👊 . . . . . . . . #picoftheday #photooftheday #happy #instagood #selfcare #selflove #work #motivation #selfie #fitness #fitnessmotivation #goals #positivevibes #positivity #grateful #gratitude

💿 God Cares For U Bless The Little Children Amazon: $9.20 NYPL: FREE If you’re feeling anxious, listen to gospel music. If you’re feeling hopeless, listen to gospel music. If your feeling lonely, listen to gospel music. If you’re feeling betrayed, listen to gospel music. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, listen to gospel music. Gospel music is like that one coworker that always finds the upside to anything. You might be annoyed by them, skeptical, suspicious, doubtful, dismissive. But guess what? They have peace and at the moment you don’t. So they might be on to something. Maybe you should listen.

💿 Sweet Spirit God’s Property Steam on Pandora This song is so soothing. Parents stuck indoors with your kids, if you feel like you’re losing it listen to this song and don’t let anything rob you of your inner peace. Not the headlines, not the comments, not politics, not statistics facts or figures, not even your kids. Have a peace that surpasses all understanding and one day your children will inherit it.