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Sometimes we come across movies, stories in general which speak our mind, touch our hearts. A scene, a sequence, a song which seems to know our heartstrings a bit too well. Sex and the city. This is the one with numerous such moments which made my heart ache in a way I don't think anything else of it's kind will ever do. Set in the 90s, this show was bit of a scene stealer in many ways(I hear). But when I watched it for the first time in 2016, it struck a chord in a way I had never expected. Countless tearing up sessions later, silently nodding to the introspections that Carrie made on behalf of many many women, this show is still both my guilty pleasure and the one speaking harsh truths on dark nights. This scene in particular, let's call it 'Your girl is lovely, Hubbell', is well known to anybody who has watched (and loved) the show. An ode to the 1973 movie 'The way we were'. This one, talks about graciously letting go. Seeing the man off, she love(d) into a new journey, without her, Carrie asks Big the question which would haunt her for the rest of her life if she didn't - 'Why wasn't it me?' Big, both taken aback while mostly not having an answer to that just mumbles on.Carrie smiles understandingly,strokes his hair one last time and says these words. Sometimes it's not so much about the answers as it about being able to ask the question. This is for all the brave,heartbroken people out there who have gathered the courage to ask that one last thing, which if they didn't would remain a sore spot forever. And no moving on can ever begin with a pending, haunting question. So ask it. Let it go. And never turn back. . . 'Memories, Light the corners of my mind Misty water-colored memories Of the way we were. Scattered pictures..' . . . . #sexandthecityquotes #love #sexandthecity #serieswelove #sceneswelove #yourgirlislovelyhubbell #carriebradshawquotes #writersofig #abheriwrites #writersofinstagram #scribbles #theartoflettinggo #sitcom #lovetowrite #writingcommunity #wordsofinstagram #wordlover #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #lovetowrite #writersofig #inspiredwriteups #caption #showsofinstagram #carriebradshawquotes

Hello it’s me again, being as inconsistent as always :) But here’s another poem after 3637843992 years Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. Also, Thank you so much for supporting this account I love and appreciate you all Very Very much 🥺💜 Feel free to comment constructive criticism or anything you want really✨🙃 #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #scribbles #randomthoughts #creativewriting #writtenworks #ascribblingkiwi #amateurpoet #amateurwriter

//the love in a bazaar// //Hair tied into a plait, and notes crumbled within my palm, i walked down the lane on my way to the bazaar// //With stolen glances from every passer-by my eyes ceased as i stumbled upon you// //You uttered,"maaf kijiyega," suddenly holding my hand as i slipped unobtrusively// //For a moment we didn't feel to let go of each others grip// //"Shukriya", i replied falteringly, glancing at you with a modest smile.// //You stood aside checking for the things you gave a list of, an hour ago or so// //Staring at you from the corner of my eyes, my vision lingered on you, astonished how your brownish hair strands turned golden as you moved out of the shed of the shop// //My eyes still glued on your face, as you asked the shop keeper for the change, your lips moving in quick movements// //I looked away as you turned towards me// //My heart skipped a beat as i looked back at you// //Our eyes reciprocated ebullience, we knew// //Your dulcet eyes bid a good bye as you rode your bicycle, down the lane// //My sight perpetuated till you vanished through the deep, dark woods, on your way back// //Since that day, I would wait on the terrace, drying my wet hair, whilst the warmth of the winter sun fondled my cold skin// //I would rush perceiving the jingling of a cycle bell on the road with an expectation of seeing you// //Again I would rush back, plucking a few jasmines, embellishing them in my hair as Amma would ask,"kaun hai?" I would answer,"koi bhi nahi" with a sudden different dissatisfaction// //I would wait on the temple stairs a few minutes longer, giving coins to the beggars, if by to see you striking the large bell and praying with your eyes closed as I would rush inside to stand beside you, all over again// //Walking through the ghats, I would anticipate the boy to be you who dipped in the river offering water to the Sun// (Continued in comments)

Quarantine times dictate a need for more targeted gifts..😉😉 Here's the painting u wanted @kanthimathi_subramanian 😘 #vira_sketchbook #oilpastel #scribbles #quarantine

Pencil sketch after a gap.😅.. Well special circumstances do pave way for some exceptions🤷 Cuz, Its my 🐼's bday... 😉😉@kanthimathi_subramanian 🤗🤗 #vira_sketchbook #quarantine #scribbles #pencilsketch

The last couple of months have been tough. Lost my creative mojo, I think it’s coming back.... #abstractart #abstractpainting #abstractartist #abstractexpressionism #contemporaryart #painting #nonobjective #digitalpainting #artistsoninstagram #artsy #scribbles