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A creation is never finished! I read that on Canva.com yesterday whilst again fine-tuning my e-books and corresponding images for Superchangechampion.com. . And sometimes I just want, what's the expression, yell it off the roof: "Go Have A Look and Take My E-courses! " . Not because it will give me a salary, but because it will guide you on how to make things happen! . And things do happen when you get clearer and clearer on what you want to achieve. . I keep on smiling. Why? I asked for a place where I can live and retreat from the world to 'empty the bucket' and heal from my Misophonia. (= selective sound sensitivity). . TIP: The Sound Champion e-course for sound sensitive people is live on Superchangechampion.com. . I can now choose when I expose myself to the busy world out there and I can go back to my 'heaven on earth!' when I want to. . I. LOVE. IT. HERE. Thank you Angels! . . . . . #mallorcaisland #mallorcaparadise #mindshift #recharge #rechargeyoursoul #getoffline #rechargeyourself #restoredomore #misophonia #misofonie #hatredofsounds #soundsensitivity #soundallergy #hsp #daretochange #adaptyourlife #alternativehealth #mentalwellbeing #healmisophonia #healingpower

Feeling slightly better healthwise than yesterday. I feel a migraine poking about in my skull. In more pleasant news, my daughter has become Sunset Shimmer and is running laps around the kitchen. 🤪 #morningselfies #mybrainhurts #myeyeshurt #sillychild #fantasticimagination #markingtime #isolation2020 #pandemic2020 #lightsensitivity #soundsensitivity #migrainebrewing #humanbarometer

Finally feeling better after a 6 hour migraine today. Taking a hot bath with an ice pack on my head usually helps ease the pain. ⠀⠀ This migraine was about an 8, a little vomiting, pounding headache, light and sound sensitive. ⠀⠀ Do you have any home remedies I should try?

Lizzie is a graphic designer in London. We talk about life in lockdown in downtown London with housemates and noisy neighbors, miso in her family, and dealing with miso when she went to the office! As usual this conversation could have gone on for much longer, enjoy! Grab the full episode wherever you get podcasts and https://misophoniapodcast.com Check out the Misophonia Association for details on this year's convention happening online. Links in the show notes.

May 20th:⁣ ⁣Lyme Symptoms by Co-infections:⁣ ⁣ Unfortunately because Lyme is so misunderstood & misrepresented, many doctors go by the results of the Elisa or Western Blot blood tests which are highly inaccurate.⁣ ⁣ Some insurance companies require you do the Elisa first which is completely pointless in my opinion. Then if you get a positive from that you can have the Western Blot. 🤦🏼‍♀️ ⁣ ⁣ So they have you take a very inaccurate test (50% accurate, if that) & only if you get a positive on this will you get to take one that is slightly better. The guidelines provided by the CDC to get a positive blood test are inaccurate as well. I will provide information on the problems with testing coming up.⁣ ⁣ They also do not test for the co-infections of Lyme disease. Ticks not only carry Lyme but hundreds of other devastating co-infections that can make you terribly sick. You could have Lyme but not any coinfections or you could have coinfections but not Lyme. #lymelottery ⁣ ⁣ It is important to know your symptoms. Most Lyme Literate MD’s (LLMD) will diagnose you based on symptoms. At one point, I had 3 months of symptoms on a calendar. Each day I would write down all of my symptoms, what I ate, & my temperate. If seeing a constant fever every few days or a plummet in temperate wasn’t a red flag for them, I’m not sure what would have been. ⁣ ⁣ Many symptoms for different coinfections overlap but it will be helpful for diagnosis if you keep a detailed record of daily symptoms for a few months. It is important to find a Lyme Literate MD to help you in your Lyme journey. I will provide resources about this coming up as well. #nightsweats #anxiety #depression #ringingears #drymouth #dysautonomia #ocd #panicattacks #hallucinations #tremors #airhunger #depersonalization #burningfeet #sleepparalysis #soundsensitivity #lightsensitivity #insomnia #bloating #constipation #brainfog #memoryloss

ٔ شاید برای شما هم پیش آمده باشد که وقتی تحت فشار هستید، تحمل صداهای محیط اطراف شما را کمتر از قبل دارید؛ صدای تلویزیون به نظرتان خیلی بلند می‌آید، دائم به فرزندان خود تذکر می‌دهید که آرام‌تر باشند و وقتی سوار ماشین می‌شوید، پنجره‌ها را بالا می‌کشید تا صدای بیرون شما را کمتر آزار بدهد. اما آیا حساسیت به صدا زمانی که تحت فشار هستیم، واکنشی شایع است؟ 🔻یکی از مطالعات خوب در این زمینه، مطالعه دانشگاه کارولینسکا سوئد در سال ۲۰۱۳ است. در این مطالعه محققان متوجه شدند، زنان زمانی که تحت فشار قرار می‌گیرند، حساسیت‌شان به صدا به شکل معناداری افزایش می‌یابد. این افزایش حساسیت باعث می‌شود تا گاهی اوقات آنها حتی تحمل صدایی با شدت ۶۰ دسی‌بل را هم نداشته باشند. این میزان صدا معادل صدای یک گفتگوی معمولی است. اما آیا مردان هم زمانی که تحت فشار هستند، حساسیت‌شان به صدا افزایش می‌یابد؟ بر اساس این مطالعه، افزایش حساسیت به صدا همزمان با تجربه استرس و فشار در میان مردان به اندازه زنان شایع نیست. اما این به معنای آن نیست که هیچ مردی چنین موضوعی را تجربه نمی‌کند. 🔸نکته‌ی مهمی که محققان در این مطالعه در مورد آن هشدار داده‌اند این است که این افزایش حساسیت در برخی افراد می‌تواند بسیار شدید باشد. به شکلی که آنها را وادار سازد تا به وقت استرس از دیگران فاصله بگیرند. وضعیتی که می‌تواند آنها را حمایت اجتماعی محروم سازد. ٖ 🔸راستی تجربه شما در این مورد چیست؟ ٔ #استرس #حساسیت_به_صدا #مطالعات_استرس #زنان_واسترس #واکنش_به_استرس #iratss #stress #womenstress #soundsensitivity

Oh, yeah, that's why I hate earbuds... Someone recommended to I try earbuds over headphones and earmuffs for blocking out sound, and I remembered I had a pair stashed in my desk drawer (I think I have others elsewhere). I couldn't remember why they were crammed in there until I cleaned them up and gave them another try. ACK! My own breathing is SO LOUD when there's something plugging my ears! Plus, it was like my music was literally being generated in my skull! 😱How does anyone stand this?! Lol. So, TL;DR ... Earbuds aren't for me. 😅 #asd #autismacceptance #autismawareness #soundsensitivity #noisesensitivity #noisecancelling #actuallyautistic #autismspectrumdisorder #neurodiversity

BUT YOU DON’T LOOK SICK . . Well first of all, thank god I don’t. But really that’s a debatable statement. Sure to the naked eye, I thankfully look pretty good and can fake it til I make it (or drop) in most scenarios. But to someone else with an invisible illness, they might see my weight loss / gain over time, my breakouts, muscle tremors, bald spots replaced by baby hairs, and stained teeth thanks to antibiotics, amongst other side effects and actions. . . Someone with an invisible illness will see how quick I am to put sunglasses on when I leave a building and how I wince around shrieking children or leaf blowers, clenching my teeth when the music is too loud or putting in my ear plugs when there is an irritating noise. They might also notice me holding my breath when someone with strong perfume walks by or I walk by a strong odor. They might also notice how I try to subtly pull the waiter aside to ask to turn down the music and inquire about any food restrictions or intolerances I have at that moment. These are all small reactions to normal life occurrences, but if you know... you know. . . So for this Lyme Disease Awareness Month this is my reminder. You never know what someone else is going through or what they’re fighting. So please, try to be accepting even if you don’t understand why someone in your group might want to move tables because “there’s a light above the fan over that one” (seriously, those shadows will trip you out. Again, if you know, you know). Be kind. We’re trying our best to be chameleons and fake it until we make it, but sometimes there is only so much we can fake until we have to throw in the towel, duck out and go home. . . . #facinglymestrong

Just added to the Happy Sensitive Library - my healing "trick" for dealing with soft & subtle but super annoying sounds. [link in bio] "S is for Sound Sensitivity" - under the ABCs of being a Happy Sensitive #soundsensitivity #HSP #HighlySensitive #highlysensitivepeople #sensoryprocessing #sensoryprocessingsensitivity https://thehappysensitive.newzenler.com/courses/happy-sensitive-library

May 17th:⁣⁣ ⁣Late Stage/Chronic Lyme disease Symptoms:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ If you have multiple symptoms on these lists but doctors are dismissing you, know that you are NOT crazy, it isn’t in your head, and it probably isn’t JUST stress. Stress can play a huge factor on your health but it most likely isn’t causing a list of symptoms like that. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Whether you remember seeing a tick or bullseye doesn’t matter. You could still have Lyme or coinfections so don’t let that stop you from advocating for yourself. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Finding the root cause of your symptoms is what is crucial whether it is Lyme or not. Yes, you can put a bandage on it by taking a pill for symptoms x, y & z- but finding the root cause and addressing it is far more important.⁣ ⁣ #migraines #headches #neuropathy #chills #fever #jointpain #inflammation #rash #neckpain #nightsweats #anxiety #depression #ringingears #drymouth #dysautonomia #ocd #panicattacks #hallucinations #tremors #airhunger #depersonalization #burningfeet #sleepparalysis #soundsensitivity #lightsensitivity #insomnia #bloating #constipation #brainfog #memoryloss

Migraines, but make it fashion. . . I look forward to the time where I can look back at this period my life and be grateful . That it's over. . I have aged so much in the last couple years, just from the pain alone. . Today I am starting another new medication to try. . I have had the prescription sitting for about 2 months, but haven't brought myself to go through another roller coaster of medication that may not even work. . It's unnerving starting new chemicals in your body that may relieve pain, only to find that they cause other issues, like: Higher anxiety. Higher blood pressure. Suicide Ideation. Extreme fatigue. Mania. Weight fluctuation. Not to mention the medications that you have to wean on or off, for fear of heart attack or other organ failure. . . Praying that this medication just works, but also not holding my breath. 🤞 . . Wish me luck!

Rear-end awareness for dummies 🎉 No sound because I'm embarrassing when I train and my clicker is so loud, but rest assured she was LAVISHED with praise and treats. We've been working for a couple of days and today she really got it. After some hesitancy about stepping on the balance cushion (cheap but good one from Trixie, bought at @hooked4pets ), she's gotten really comfortable and is starting to back up in a reasonably straight line 🙌 It's all a part of empowering her so she can better deal with her sound sensitivity. #dogtraining #rearendawareness #cairnterrier #soundsensitivity

Hi! I made this quick video to talk about hearing loss and the recent messages I have received with your questions, I know you are looking for answers and I thank you for trusting me with your story. I understand the anxiety and pain that comes with hearing loss and vestibular conditions. If you have a question regarding hearing loss and would like to know more about my experience with Tinnitus and Hyperacusis, please reach out to: Info@nicollecure.com For more info, visit www.nicollecure.com🤍 #HearingHealth #HearingLoss #Tinnitus #Hyperacusis #SoundSensitivity #Sound #Hearing #HearingLoss #ArtandHealth #ArtandScience #VestibularMigraines #Misophonia #EarProtection #AbstractArtist #TheColorsofSoundArt

Kateřina is in Prague, Czech Republic, and this marks the first time she has talked to someone with misophonia. She's a senior in high school and we talk about how miso has affected her family relationships, how her school friends have reacted, and what she hopes for the future. I always love being a part of the first time someone shares their story! Enjoy! Get the full episode anywhere you find podcasts and https://misophoniapodcast.com #misophonia

Intrycks-bakis. Igår var jag på middag med två vänner. Det var så underbart trevligt och längesen jag skrattade så mycket. Somnade ca 23.30. Idag har jag mått dåligt hela dagen, illamående pga trötthet. Klarar ej att titta på tv utan att bli yr. Orkar inte lyssna på musik. Jag är så otroligt intryckskänslig. Och mina reserver är tömda, även om de denna gång tömdes av något väldigt trevligt! Det är så frustrerande, för jag vill så mycket mer, men hela kroppen skriker stopp och stoppar mig med yrsel och illamående, så att jag riktigt ska fatta... Suck. #utmattning #utbränd #utmattningssyndrom #utmattningsdepression #psykiskohälsa #mentalhealth #mentalillness #fatiguesyndrome #burnedout #intryckskänslig #ljudkänslig #soundsensitivity #metalhungover #mentaltbakis #mentalhealthrecovery #recovery #återhämtning #forcedrest

Have some sloppy vent art. I've struggled with this condition my whole life and it's getting worse by the day. It's called Misophonia (plus Misokinesia in my case). The drawing is self-explanatory, but basically Misophonia is extreme rage at normal everyday sounds. Check out the support pages on IG for more information. There's a lot of stigma against people who have the condition, but Misophonia is not a joke. It's complete hell. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I have 18 auditory triggers and they're all in the drawing. Sometimes people with Misophonia even contemplate suicide just to make the noise stop, which I have, along with thoughts of violence against my own loved ones (when I know I am not a bad person by any means). I'm trying my best to manage it, but it has taken over my life. So please understand if I don't post as much in the coming weeks. I have awesome noise-cancelling headphones, but sometimes I need to get out of the house altogether to avoid triggers. It's especially hard during quarantine. #misophonia #ventart #vent #mentalhealth #mentaldisorder #misophoniaawareness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthart #mental #mentalhealthdrawing #mentalcondition #raredisorders #traditionalart #pencilart #graphite #sketch #sketchbook #sketches #sensoryoverload #pencilsketch #pencildrawing #noise #sound #ssss #soundsensitivity #hatred #quarantine #quarantineart @misophonia.ucla @misophoniamemes @miso.phon.ia @misophoniainternational

what tinnitus is like for me. dead air.... this has to be the better part of tinnitus because it can get painful in the ear canal and headaches tend to come with. sometimes it can feel like i constantly need to pop my ear, only my right, like i just got off an air plane. just ordered some new earplugs that are specifically for tinnitus, maybe they will help decrease these symptoms a little 🤞🏻 #tinnitus #tinnitushelp #awareness #symptoms #postconcussionsyndrome #heal #cope #punkrockamie #caraccident #pain #invisibleillness #believeus #wearethevulnerable #disabilityawareness #disabled #mentalhealth #soundsensitivity #earplugs #punkrockamie #advocate #deadair

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Claire is a visual artist based in northern California who is also a misophonia advocate. This conversation is jam-packed with her thoughts and insights on the psychology and even metaphysics of dealing with misophonia. There are some great stories too about her interactions with others. She also talks about her meditation practice and a breathing technique she finds super helpful for miso. Hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did! Follow Claire @clairepupo Listen and subscribe everywhere and www.misophoniapodcast.com

Lymies and people that don’t know that you’re a Lymie, it’s going to get worse this Thursday! “My symptoms during a full moon go haywire! My gut flora tend to get very unbalanced, neurological symptoms worsen, pain in my overall joints, muscle tissue, and bones kick into high gear as the spirochetes get busy rearranging and causing inflammation. Overall, it is when the moon is at its fullest the effects of Chronic Lyme Disease throughout my body flare” #yourenotcrazy #lymedisease #vertigo #jawpain #lightsensitivity #soundsensitivity #lymediseaseawareness #bonepain #neurologicalsymptoms #musclepain #guthealthmatters #gutfeeling #eyefloaters #heartpalpitations #hanginthere #itsgoingtopass #ihearyou #insomnia #heavysleep6:00am-8:00am @jbhustle38 Caring is showing up in someone’s life, even if they do everything in their power to cause you pain. The Weintraub Family have been very cruel to me. And I just keep showing up with gifts for those kids, cause I don’t want them to learn this shit.

Hey guys! Crystal back here today. If you know me (Ir have read my bio) Then you know that I’m a fighter of Misophonia for a heck of a long while. It is real. It is hard. But we are strong. Please don’t go around saying you have it if you don’t- just because you get annoyed by sounds doesn’t mean you have it. It’s almost an insult to us fighting it. But, today is Misophonia awareness day! Which is why I’m making this post. I have one traditional art but this one was done on IBISPAINTX. If you or anyone you know is suffering from Misophonia, then please, reach out. You can come to me- I know, and I’ve been through it. From crying and screaming to hiding in school bathrooms, I get it. You can talk to me. I encourage you ALL to stay strong and spread awareness, especially during this quarantine! My best wishes to all of you. Tags: #misophoniaproblems #misophonia #misophoniaawareness #misophoniasupport #stronger #art #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #rarementalhealthdisorders #rarementalhealth #soundsensitivity #bequiet #headphones #support

Does anyone else with sound sensitivity find that certain sounds, even when played quietly, still hurt? I might be the only one, and I'm definitely not describing it very well, but some sounds particularly harsh, crackly sounds like the sound that comes out of low quality speakers is very painful for my ears, even when played very low. ⁠⠀ .⠀ This week I actually went out of the house for a short walk, which despite feeling fairly exhausted by the end of it, it was nice to get some fresh air for a bit. How’s your week been? What’s one thing you did to relax?⠀ .⁠⠀ #chronicmigraine #migraine #spoonie #madebyamigraineur #soundsensitivity #painfulsounds

Hyper sensitivity is one of my most debilitating symptoms. Throughout my illness I've always had an element of sensitivity to sound and light. Last year I had a significant deterioration in my health, consequently my sensitivity to light became much more severe. Much of the time I have to keep the curtains closed or wear an eye mask. I'm able to go outside or be in normal light for short periods. Then I have to return to the dark to "rest" and recover from my light exposure. Does anyone else experienced something like this? Have you found the reason why this happens or how to solve the problem?

Welcome to Season 2! I decided to start going by seasons because I'm recording interviews in bunches anyways - this is the first interview recorded since December 2019. This week I talked to John, a Lutheran pastor in Saint Paul, MN... and my next-door neighbor! I moved here a few years ago coincidentally next to another misophone. John has one specific trigger but he's only had it during adulthood - which is all the more interesting since his siblings also share it. Enjoy!  Note: weird pause around 8 minutes in due to an editing problem. Didn't notice it until after, sorry! Listen and subscribe everywhere and https://misophoniapodcast.com

This may not look like much but 2 days ago that "beep" was not worth the kibble in his world. I paired #boxfeeding with #shaping (his sister) annnnnd it worked 😊😊 thank you @thecanineparadigm & @primecaninetraining for all your amazing info/guidance. #trainthebrain #trainyourdog #nervesofsteel (not really lol) #playwithyourdog #treatandtrain #soundsensitivity

Have you ever heard of Misphonia? . I have a sound sensitivity.  My wife calls it a disorder. . When I hear certain sounds it causes my skin to crawl! . I’ve had it ever since I was very young.  I distinctly remember cuddling with my mother when I was very young and asking her to stop eating.  It has continued on into my adulthood. . Watch this video and learn what rules I put in place at home in self defence! . . . . . . . . . . . #misophonia #soundsensitivity #torontodads

Some of us never have think about wearing ear muffs to use a mixer, vacuum ETC Intense sensitivity to sound is a common Autism symptom. He loved baking cup cakes today! ❤️🧁😋 #autismawareness #soundsensitivity #yummycupcakes #adhdawareness