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R7-A7, Ahsoka Tano’s astromech is a very nice repaint of the original 2008 CW R2-D2. The little droid comes with a removable third leg as its only accessory, but it has a ton of cool features. It features two opening front panels that reveal a couple of gadgets that can be pulled out. On the back, it has another panel that houses a grappling hook with a string which can be reeled in by rotating the dome. The dome also contains an antenna that can be pulled up. And finally, the three legs have wheels, so you can roll the figure around. Year: 2011 #StarWars #StarWarsTheCloneWars #TheCloneWars #StarWarsToys #TheCloneWarsCollection #CloneWarsCollection #StarWarsActionFigures #StarWarsFigures #Hasbro #CloneWars #CloneWarsSaved #CloneWarsActionFigures #StarWarsCollector #ActionFigures #StarWarsHasbro #Toys #ToyPics #ActionFigurePhotography #Droid #Astromech #R7-A7 #Ahsoka

Hello ! How are you ? I'm fine rn. I'm very happy atm, because I have holidays now and I don't have to do school stuff. Yeah . Online school was so exhausting 🥵. ~~~ Apps : Layout, Polarr, Phonto Fonts : Avenir medium oblique, Run wild fc : @pclarrs ~~~ #qotd Do you like season 7 of star wars the clone wars so far ? #aotd Yes ! It's awesome !☺️

SPOILERS BELOW👇👇 DONT SWIPE!! — — •idk how to feel about this whole “the Jedi had it coming” or “the Jedi could have prevent all this if they were nicer” vibe. Like don’t get me wrong, the Jedi Order has its issues but it’s the like the WHOLE GALAXY expects them to be able to make peace everywhere without BEING VIOLENT towards the SEPARATISTS. The politics of tcw are so confusing bc it’s hard to find an actual solution to any of the Republics problems due to them not being able to please everyone. People say they have lost their peace-keeping ways but...if they did not fight back then the galaxy would be in a lot worse shape and many systems would be enslaved...or worse. So like idk👀👀 •Ahsoka trying to keep Rafa and Trace alive without revealing she’s a Jedi 😂😂 poor bby •BO KATAN AND URSA WREN!!!! SABINE’S MOM!!! Need I say anything else? ...also that little hint at Darth Maul...😬😬 •I’m just so ready for Anakin and Ahsoka’s reunion like — •it’s all coming together now. Ahsoka is going to get recruited by Bo Katan to fight Maul...to which she will go to Anakin for help and then that’s how that whole story is going to get set up and I’m SO READY BUT I KNOW ITS GONNA MAKE ME CRY SO YEAH

I highly doubt this would ever happen but what do you guys think? Do you think we'll ever get to see our beloved Snips on the big screen or should we just scrap that idea from our heads 🤔🤷‍♂️💥🔫

Yes! Can’t wait to start building!

AU: What if Ahsoka helped Fives, and they rejoined the republic for the siege of mandalore and Order 66 never happened and everyone lived happily ever after🥺

Just finished priming a Gree that I’m going to turn into an OG Battlefront II Jet Trooper #starwarstheclonewars #starwarsbattlefront #clonetrooper #toyphotography #starwarsblackseries