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All my life I've always made it a mission to represent the beauty of my religion to the people around me. My name's Osama so throughout life everyone instantly knows what my religion is before I even speak to them. It's like I'm walking around with it. And it's not because im walking around dressed a certain way or anything. People just know instantly from my name. In fact, people will often approach me negatively because of it. Not only are they associating my name with a religion, but they are also associating my name with some horrible actions that have been committed in the name of said religion. So instantly, right away, I'm being put in this box where Islam is viewed in a negative light. I've always found it my responsibility to make people question thier prejudices towards my name even if it's subconsciously. For example, this was more prevalent when I was younger: people would meet me and hear my name and would instinctually think about the atrocities of 9/11. I think that's why I've gone about life trying to represent Islam in the most positive, progressive way as possible. I was only 7. I came here from Egypt and was put into ESL right away. As as I got older and older I'd start to see that people would make fun of my name. Originally, I was actually named by my uncle who named me after a famous soccer player Osama Hamed. Also, Osama is a very common Arabic name. Like super common. So growing up in Egypt it wasn't anything remarkably special... until I started class here in the States. I would always hate the first day of school. Every teacher, every year, would say my name out loud and everyone would turn around to see who's Osama. They'd say everyone's name alphabetically and finally get to mine and you would just feel the pause.. they'd start to say my name and feel hesitant.. and even pronounce it wrong to extend some kind of courtesy to limit any association with my name to what was going on in the news. But I would still correct them on the pronunciation because it occured to me: What am I ashamed about? That I have the same name as someone else? What does it matter? I didn't do what they did." - Osama, 𝘌𝘨𝘺𝘱𝘵𝘪𝘢𝘯 Swipe ➡️ for 🔊

you may think you're winning this heartbreak, but you aren't gonna win it, 'cause checkmate.

Fly High \\ Been using the new @djiglobal Mavic Air for about a month now, super impressed with this little guy. Was able to take it up over an very empty parkway on my one trip out of the neighborhood this week. In our rush to return to normalcy, using this time to decide what parts of normal are worth rushing back to. Do we need to commute 5 days a week? Do we need to have a fancy office when we can carve out a room in our house? I don’t know. Just some thoughts. Regardless, here’s to the end of another week.🥂 #KeepTheMindStrong

Lost a heart today 🥀

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The game w/ reflection

Nick Cave & The Black Seeds- O' Children 🎵 #fireseries #exploreeverything

Quarantined Journal: Covering my mouth when I cough Socially distancing myself Missing the vibes

Snapped a couple pics on the boardwalk📸 #ShoyByBrasi