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Envious - 😌 Literal expression of jealousy ! Follow - @blueink_scribbles #exam #examdiaries #india #jealousyquotes #examquotes #stressrelief #comedy

I put on real clothes for this video so please watch! 🤣 #quarantinelife But in all seriousness, I’m SO excited to do a LIVE guided meditation for FREE with @soulfullco 🙌🏼 Join me next Wednesday, April 8th at 7pm EST. The zoom link will be in my bio the day of. Tag your friends/ fam below that would benefit or would like to join! Can’t wait to see you there! (Virtually of course 😉) . . #meditation #guidedmeditation #practice #reset #positivevibes #minbodysoul #covıd19 #covid #socialdistancing #2020 #spreadlove #meditate #calm #stressrelief

#texturetuesday was a bit of a struggle as AZ decided to be overcast for the first time ever??? But I wanted to show off this mask from @firstaidbeauty I bought a few weeks ago!!!⚡️ This is the First Aid Beauty Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask to help soothe & de-stress your skin. I’m thinking a lot of us could use this right about now during these uncertain/stressful times. 🙃 This mask is cooling upon application, but not too intense as it fades nicely & leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and back to its normal self again. The cool blue color of this is what stood out to me most. The ingredients inside are what really matters, including cannabis sativa seed oil as one of the first 10 ingredients on the list to really help relieve stressed-out skin. It also contains shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil (some skin types beware), aloe leaf juice, and many other extracts to help calm & soothe your skin.💧 Have you ever tried this mask? What are some of your favorite @firstaidbeauty products?! I need to try more! 🏥 #texturetuesday #purchased #firstaidbeauty #firstaidbeautyskincare #texture #blue #bluesky #skincare #stressrelief #arnicarelief #arnicareliefandrescuemask #beatthealgo #beatthealgorithm

Stuff got on top of me today. This is a hard and stressful situation to be in. Stress is the the number 1 thing for me that causes IBS. I feel I'm going to suffer a lot from it over the coming months! But I will get through it. We are all going to face bad times in this lockdown and we all will get through it. Need some me time, so a book, hot water bottle, scented candle and peppermint tea is in order. Then a nice early night 😊💤 #selfcare #stress #stressrelief #ibs #ibsawareness #books #bookstagram #pepperminttea #hotwaterbottle #sleephealth #sleep #earlynight #health #healthcoach #life #lifecoach

Wanna dump worry and anxiety and start experiencing more positive thoughts and feelings? ⠀ ⠀ I know how it feels to spend time worrying about things that you can’t control- lots of time wasted! ⠀ ⠀ Am I right?! 🙋🏾‍♀️⠀ ⠀ I know that you want to be that calm person who can think clearly and problem solve like a pro throughout your day.⠀ ⠀ All you need to do is create space in your day to experience mindfulness and positive expectation. ⠀ ⠀ This easy practice will free your mind of anxiety and boost your creative juices for developing solutions. ⠀ ⠀ My bonus episode offers a guided meditation that gets you breathing, thinking, and relaxing- THE FORMULA for beating anxiety! ⠀ ⠀ If your all stressed out and short on time, this episode is for you! We jump into mindfulness and meditate on the things of God in under 7 minutes! ⠀ ⠀ Can’t beat that! 😉⠀ ⠀ #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #podcastshows #podcastforteens #christianteens #teenager #youngadult #christians #solutions #anxiety #anxious #anxiousaboutnothing #meditation #mindfulness #devotional #sarayoung #dearjesus #breathingtechniques #kingdomkids #parentsofteenagers #raisingteens #parentsofadultchildren #stressrelief #anxietyrelief #bonusepisode #newnew #younganxiety #anxietyawareness #anxietyproblems #quarantine

Many thanks to all that have used our local delivery service. If you'd like to place an order for delivery within 20 miles of Portsmouth, NH, select "local delivery" at checkout. OR call/text us to place an order too! Reach out to 603-285-1245 and someone from our team will assist you. To anyone outside of our delivery range, we will continue to offer free, fast shipping on all orders. 👍🏻 . #nobadallgood #cbdforanxiety #cbdforstress #cbdcommunity #goodvibes #cbdproducts #hempheals #cleancannabis #cbd #drinkcbd #wellness #stressrelief #shoplocal #localbusiness #supportsmallbusinesses #portsmouthnh #dovernh #seacoastnh #newengland

A healthy body supports a healthy mind, and vice versa.⠀ .⠀ Keeping ourselves healthy through exercise and eating healthy can go a long way, especially when tensions are high. Healthy food gives us more energy and motivation, while exercise lowers cortisol (stress), and increases serotonin release (happiness, peacefulness).⠀ .⠀ Take care of yourselves during this time ✨

MISERY MELT ROLLER If you're struggling these days, this one is for you! Keep in mind, if you don't have these exact oils, mix up a blend of oils you do have that make you feel good! MISERY MELT ROLLER 10 Frankincense 10 Copaiba 10 Balsam Fir 5 Lemongrass 5 Peppermint 5 Marjoram Add oils to an empty roller, top with carrier oil (Relaxation Massage oil is great for this one!) and roll on chest, behind ears, back of neck, wrists.... then take a few deep breaths. We've got this friends! . . . #destress #stressrelief #stress #cleanliving #plantpower #chemicalfreehome #yloils #youngliving #essentialoils #younglivingessentialoils #oils #thepeoplesessentials #theessentials #aria #ariadiffuser #diffuser #premiumstarterkit #starterkit #health #wellness #essentialrewardsprogram #essentialrewards #YLER #erorder #goldendropsociety

Did you know❓that stress can be the cause of some skin conditions? Shingles is a common one unfortunately. Dr. J Weinberg joined us on an episode of #TheElites to discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment for Shingles. We also discussed the benefits of trying to keep a healthy lifestyle (which can be very challenging during these times) but very worthwhile! Because that will help strengthen one’s immune system which can end up saving one for developing shingles or other skin conditions. To hear more details and some tips for minimizing stress, check out the Podcast - Link in bio 👆 Stay safe!

BREATHE. Our breath is one of the most powerful stress-relief tools we have available at all times. . So if you're feeling anxious, stressed, or frazzled about work, lack of work, family chaos, or the overall craziness around us, take just 2 minutes and try this exercise out right now 👉 . 🟡 Inhale into your belly for 4 counts. . 🟡 Hold your breath for 4 counts. . 🟡 Exhale out your mouth for 4 counts. . 🟡 Hold your breath out for 4 counts. . 🟡 Repeat! . "Box breathing" is so simple and yet SO effective. 🌝 Know that you have the inner strength and resilience you need to get through this time. This too shall pass. You are guided. You are the source of your energy, not anything else. . And if you're looking to go deeper and take advantage of this time we're all shut in...I'm here to help you create that new, bite-sized self-care routine, so you can develop a greater sense of purpose, release limiting beliefs, step into your most confident self, and navigate obstacles in your life with more ease and grace. . I'm offering free Self-Care Strategy Session calls, and I have a few spots in my private coaching programs available. 🤗 Send me a DM if you want to learn more!

Top 3 #covıd19 mobility drills!! . Unsurprisingly we are currently seeing a large increase in people getting in touch with neck related issues! . In most cases the 2 main drivers for this are.. . 1) Working from home 2) Stress . The neck is known as the ‘emotional joint’ and we often find when we are exposed to high levels of stress the neck can be left susceptible! . So we thought we’d put together some of our top mobility exercises to help! 🤸🏼‍♂️🧘🏻‍♂️🤸‍♀️ . We hope this helps! If you would like any further advice then we are currently doing a FREE virtual taster session for all new clients! . To register for this just simply follow the link in our bio and fill out the form on our homepage. . #covid #covıd19 #coronavirus #neckpain #stress #stressrelief #mobility #work #workfromhome #physiotherapy #physio #bingham #nottingham #sportsinjury #rehab #gym #sport #exercise #running #yoga #pilates #muscle #wellbeing

It's important to take care of your personal health now more than ever. We've shared a few ideas to help you decompress on our blog. [LINK IN BIO] #stressrelief #stresstips #travelnurse #nurseonduty

What can you do to boost your immune system? 1. Eating a healthy diet. The nutrients you get from food, in particular, plant based fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices are essential to keep your immune system functioning properly. 2. Keep stress under control 3. Plenty of quality of sleep 💤 4. Exercise! 🏃🏽🏃🏼‍♀️ 5. Supplements ➡️➡️

I know...I Know....I’m SUPER LATE posting our MONTHLY GIVEAWAY. Due to COVID-19 I’m working alone and online sales are keeping me busy. Soap, Hand Sanitizer & Lotion are our most sought out items right now. So we will be giving away some of these in this month’s giveaway. I will post the giveaway and instructions to enter later today. Watch for that post! 😍 The more you share the more entries you receive😘. . . . #millpondnaturals #bathbombs #allnatural #allnaturalskincare #stressrelief #handmade #bathfizzies #smallbusiness #stansbury #handmadesoap #stansburypark #tooele #tooelecounty #utah #mindbodysoul #naturalsoap #uplifting #soap #organicherbs #thevintagebarntooele #naturalskincareproducts #tooele #tooelecounty #grantsville #grantsvilleutah #handsanitizer #covıd19 #covidkindness

The mini-meditation challenge has wrapped up, but we wanted to make sure you could still easily access the meditations we shared...⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ So we'll be uploading all of them to our IGTV Channel where you can tune in whenever you like!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This #bodyscanmeditation with Kion CEO @angelokeely is just one of five amazing meditations you'll be able to find there, so be sure to check back in over the next few days as we upload the rest.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ - ❤️Kion⁣ ⁣ #livincovidaloca #kionmeditationchallenge #bettersleep #reducestress #quarantineandchill #getyourkion #meditate #stressrelief #lowerstress #mindset #connection #covid #covid19 #corona #community #presence #subconcious #meditation #meditateanywhere #meditatetoelevate #brain #brainwaves #sleep #focus #relax #KionIRL

There’s no doubt that the past few weeks have thrown everyone’s world upside down, and with any type of change, it’s completely understandable that you might have feelings of stress or overwhelm. Today, I wanted to share some of favourite techniques to do right in the moment when you’re feeling overwhelmed to help take the edge off 💫 1. Write everything down 🖊- Most of us don’t realize it, but we constantly carry our “to-do” lists in our mind, which can make it impossible to focus on the task at hand. Next time you find yourself ruminating about everything that you have to do - make a list and prioritize. My favourite way to keep track on the go is using the “Reminders” app on my iPhone 📱or by writing it down in my planner before sleeping so that I can go to bed without worrying about everything I have to do when I wake up 😴 2. Do a body scan 🧘🏻‍♀️- Take a few minutes a couple times a day to do a mental scan of your body from head to toe, and notice if you’re holding tension anywhere in your body and release it (I’m personally a notorious jaw clencher 😬), also checking-in to see if you’re dehydrated 💧 or need to move around a bit 🤸‍♀️. A great way to remember to regularly check-in with your body and do a body-scan is by setting reminders on your phone for a few times in the day when you know you’re busiest - this guarantees you’ll take an intentional break and release some of that stress 💆🏻‍♀️ - 3. Use the box breathing technique 🌬- I personally find it really effective to use my breathing as a tool to meditate and help clear my mind in acute moments of stress. The way box breathing works is you can visualize a box in your mind (or use a nearby wall) and use each side of the box as a guide for breathing and repeat for a few minutes until you’re feeling relaxed and more focused with a clear mind. Swipe ➡️ to see a visual for the technique. I hope you find these tips helpful! It’s okay if you’re finding it difficult to navigate yourself through this strange time, so don’t forget to take a few minutes for yourself when needed and don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, family or professionals if you require additional support 💕

GRATITUDE INTERRUPTS ANXIETY 💞 I can tell you from firsthand experience that no matter how difficult and challenging life may seem, finding a way to be grateful can instantly disrupt the spiral of disempowering thoughts. . Instead of being anxious about some unknown future, counting your blessings CALMS your nervous system and brings you back to the HERE and NOW. . So, if you’re feeling helpless, know that appreciating even the little things can have more power on your mental wellbeing than you can imagine... for both you and those around you, too!! 🌸🍃 . Ready to try it? Tell me, what you’re grateful for today?🌷 #gratitudeattitude #healthymindset #kaleandchocolate

Foam Rolling - Stretching - Yoga Tune up Therapy are more important than ever right now. This is my favorite class to teach - the benefits are enormous. On going Chronic Stress can cause many serious health problems. High Blood Pressure-Depression - Anxiety to name only a few. You don’t need any space to do this therapeutic routine. I think everyone needs 3 times a week right now to lower stress. Take very good care of yourselves and others. ❤️

Our friend made us this wonderful coloring sheet - celebrating all things "La Provence"! . Looking for a little stress relief - print out and color ;) . Post a pic to our page if you do. We'd love to see it. . Thanks Ashley!

Do these time of uncertainty have you feeling on edge, uncomfortable and out of alignment? Give yourself the gift of bringing yourself back to the present moment, putting your mind at ease, giving your nervous system a break and allowing yourself to settle into deep relaxation. Now is truly the perfect time to honor yourself and dive deep into self-care. 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 I invite you to join me during the month of April for more Live Stream Sound Healing Meditations on Thursdays ‪at 7:00pm PDT‬ and Sundays ‪at 4:30pm PDT‬. I am honored to hold a safe space for the collective and feel deeply grateful to have all of you in my life. Words truly can not express how much your continued presence and support means to me. 🌟🌏💓🌎💓🌍🌟 Looking for a good laugh? Go check out the last YouTube live stream. It sounds like I was inhaling helium throughout the session. 😂 The new microphone I tried sounded great when I checked everything before going live. 🤷‍♀️ We'll try again on Thursday! Please use the links in bio to tune in and feel free to extend the invite to your family and friends. I see you. I love you. I appreciate you. I got you. We got this. Breath by breath, and day by day, together we will rise. I’ll see you soon my beautiful fam. 💜 Donations are welcomed and gratefully accepted via Venmo (@natalieskyy or ‪anandasoundhealing@gmail.com‬) or  PayPal. . . . #livestream #community #stayhome