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Waiting for the sunrise,then running from the storm. I did both last weekend at the Salt Flats.

It’s always a treat to see the great horned owls out on the Island. I saw the nests but no babies just yet. I hope to get a chance to see them sometime soon.

My model from this past Saturday out at the salt flats. I had to get a few shots while waiting for the sunrise and my trusty Canon 7D was a willing model.

Almost sundown

Sunrise or sunsets? I like them both. The Salt Flats is such an amazing place for sunrises. I was surprised with the storms we’ve had how dry it was out there.

Came across some beautiful quotes at this Pilehenge. Officially, last outing for a bit. #thingsthatcatchmyeye #stones #pilehenge #quotes #poems #graffitiart #walkthrough #quirkyplaces #winnipeg #capturethemoment #middleofnowhere #photography

Small things. Big impact. Nature. Art.

The road out to Alstrom Point offered so many stunning views. The desert Southwest offers so much breathtaking scenery.

Some street art on an abandoned silo near Delta Utah. Shot this while we were exploring the areas around the Lava Tubes a few weeks ago.

Looking down on globes of light and shadow

I’m in need of a road trip. I promise to keep my distance and avoid large gatherings.

I kept looking for a different angle for my next shot while we were at the Wave. I wanted to capture something I hadn’t seen before. A little snow made for some great textures.

Blooming plants. Beacons of hope . . . . #hope #blooms #beacon #plants #thingsthatcatchmyeye #innerwildernessguide

My friend Clay taking the whole isolation thing to a whole new level. Pretty cool little cubby we found along the Buckskin Gulch slot canyon.

Spark's diary Today is Navroze The first day of Spring I hide between a glass window and a curtain Layered in this new world. Outside, the sun is bright The grass preens in it Birdsong can be heard In my urban jungle. Behind my window and curtain I wait and watch unmoving. Navroze is renewal And my Mother will be new After her time alone #navroz #spring #catphotography #catphotos #urbanphoto #poetrylovers #quarantine #stayathome #poetsofinstagram #thingsithinkabout #thingsthatcatchmyeye #renewal #earthhealsitself #timetointrospect #catsofinstagram #poemsociety #poemsofinstagram #navruz

Now. I am so grateful to be home. To be able to breathe deep while I look at light and shadow. These times of uncertainty have made me realize that I/you/we are not new to uncertainty. Painful and deeply DEEPLY uncomfortable, uncertainty humbles us and asks us to cut the BS & claim our strengths, use our talents and walk with a sense of audacious hope as we navigate this uncharted territory. May both light and shadow grace your inner wilderness and humbly highlight where you SHiNE. My best to you Dawn #innerwildernessguide #humanbeing #lightandshadow #lightchaser #thingsthatcatchmyeye #dawnkotzerphotos