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Coffee Like a sugarless coffee My life began bittersweet I was spoon-fed with imageries of affair and domestic abuse as I tossed & turned in the cradle I am a child of neglect My Mom once mentioned that my Dad accidentally broke my left arm I am an accident too I thought The road to my journey has always been bumpy There are days When I just close my eyes, put the pedal to the metal and hope I reach the destination safe There are also days When I stand still and wait to be crushed How do I find solace? Should I, in affair or in domestic abuse? As these thoughts weigh heavily and strangle me I will one day let go of the seatbelt and speed my way to.. Well, what do you know My end as well be bittersweet While we wait, another coffee? D. Art: Pinterest / / #writing #writersofinstagram #writer #poetry #love #writingcommunity #quotes #poem #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #writers #writerscommunity #poet #poems #art #writersofig #words #reading #write #author #wordporn #life #writerslife #books #quoteoftheday #amwriting #bookstagram #thoughts #instagram

Yesterday Is History - Tomorrow Is a Mistery - But Today Is a Gift. That is why it is called PRESENT ✨☀️ @nii._.g ❤️ thank you #words #quotes #present #mentalhealth #awareness #yoga #yogabasel #yogainspiration #yogapractice #yogalife #yogalovers #asana #yogagirl #yogaphotography #meditation #energy #liveinthepresent

The close up & personal view some of you had on your phones last night, plus a couple of chins🙃 Thank you SO much to those of you that tuned into my LIVE streaming performance via @bellseccentriccafe - I am forever grateful for you❤️ My heart is FULL!

Stay home, make memories,pray for the world.🌞

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THE FIRST TIME I KISSED A GIRL. (short story) Where I come from kissing a girl is unconventional. It goes against every rule book; religious rule book, moral rule book, even society’s rule book. And I was a pure breed member of the land so I had to abide by this rule.But there was something about her that called to me. She was beautiful, no, she was gorgeous, astonishing, marvelous, a work of art. Her face glowed better than the morning sun. Her smile is more attractive than a magnet ever could. And those lips….To remain sane, I chose to ignore all the things she obviously was to face the one thing she wasn’t- Mr. Right. For months I ignored the raging feeling to kiss her, to know what her lips tasted like. I craved to caress her and have her skin against mine. I tried to block out these emotions, but it was hard. She was always there for me and it didn’t help that all of her smelled like something to be eaten. To cope, I channeled all I felt for her on to men who didn’t understand what was going on in my head. And it worked for a while until it didn’t. As fate would have it she called that wonderful night saying she would like to have a sleepover at my place. Did I mention I can’t say no to her? She came, looking like a meal and we did all we usually do together. Eat, talk, games, laugh, movies and when it was time to sleep I kissed her forehead... a first. She smiled and asked, “Is that all you really want to do?” I was taken aback by the question. I wasn’t sure how to answer, so I adjusted to get comfortable in the sheets. “I see how you stare at me. "My gaze went right back to her. I could tell she wasn’t lying. She knew. “You can kiss me.” Her eyes were bubbly as she said it. Expectant even, but I just kept staring. It couldn’t be real. And then she gave me a peck on the lips,her little nudge to prove she was really giving the go-ahead. She watched as I processed everything and her body responded the second I made a move. The kiss was soft and gently and yet demanding and eager. My hands cupped her boobs as we kissed.I’m not sure how long but I was short of breath when I finally let her go. I kissed a girl and it felt perfectly normal to me.

❰ ❰ fireflies eaters, antigravity ants, flat asses, delicious dirty fingers, tigerdressed bunnies, popcorn machines, drunk appaloosas, zen clouds, friends in underwear, forks dancers, foxes, fishes ₡0ME Ŧ0 ME! ✔ #illustration #drawing #thoughts #art #artwork #artsy #artofvisuals #minimal #minimalism #minimalmood #minimalart #minimalismo #minimalista #minimalist #minimalissimo #simplicity #simple #creative #amazing #アート #예술 #words #gallery #moodygrams #awake #lessismore #graphicdesign #graphic #graphics #thankyouandtakecareofyoureyes Ԩ